About us? all about us ...

About us…How were we born into the business?

Everything about us … we would like to introduce ourselves so that you know us a little more.

We come from the Joyera manufacturer family for more than 40 years, involved in the business from a very young age.

From the beginning we have always felt involved in this world of design, good work, earring manufacturers and we had to help in the family business, placing, labeling … at all times until we have grown older and we decided to continue with the company. But we wanted to give it a different perspective, the same types of earrings have always been manufactured and the only thought was to make earrings for a baby, newborn or girl and we like different, original things … that are out of the ordinary but always thinking about quality and safety.

We love to change the earrings to our little ones, be it a baby or a girl, as we do with ourselves. That is why we try to have in our collection classic earrings such as balls, chatons or pearls … perfect for any occasion, and a much more original modern collection for special occasions and make a difference, such as multi-stone earrings, creeper earrings, some piercing, or the smooth one with a lot of style …

In addition, we are the only company that sells earrings one by one, to help those moms when it comes to replacing an earring when their girl has lost an earring. We give the possibility of buying a single earring to replace the lost one, or if you want to wear one in one way and another in another … As for us if we carry several earrings, to be able to buy a single earring of several models and make a decrease or earrings of different models.

We manufacture everything in Spain

made in spain own manufacture

With MOCOSA quality contrast,

All our earrings or earrings, both in gold and silver, are certified by the precious metals laboratory of the community of Madrid, giving a maximum quality contrast for each pair of earrings, both the gold we use is 18 carats, like 925 silver. The highest quality to make earrings for newborn baby or girl.

certified quality earrings newborn baby girl Snotty

Our quality contrast

If you do not have this contrast on the toothpick, you do not have our quality control, or security.

Contrast quality and safety Mocosa threads gold earrings girl baby

Basic principles

1.- Always lined behind so that the earrings do not hurt the little girl, baby or newborn’s ear.

2.- Solid stick, due to the contrast, to give the slope greater stability and security.

3.- Both the enamel, such as pearls, zircons … are of the highest possible quality.

4.- Thread and lock nut

Girl's Earrings Solid Stick Lined, Thread, Safety Illusion, Baby Girl Earrings covered behind nuts threads screw back

About Us we want to think beyond, always starting from the base of manufacturing everything in Spain, in manufacturing safe earrings, with the solid stick, lined behind and with the best materials … if not go a little further:

Apart from creating unique, different and original designs in gold and silver earrings and for Newborns, baby, girl and not so girl.

original earrings for girl Mocosa


  • Also that for the Baby or girl it is an illusion to receive a gift from Mocosa. Creating a box of surprises as packaging:
    all in cardboard, always taking care of the environment
    Made in Spain
    Creating illusion and surprise
    How we do it:
    She has a colorful paper bag with hearts and inside …
    A candy box that we call our surprise box …
    With a heart-shaped lollipop, strawberry flavor and suitable for celiac @ s
    A gift that changes, it can be a scrunchie, headband, clip … of different colors
    The gold or silver earrings for baby or girl … A MEMORIAL FOR A LIFETIME in Mocosa block, wrapped with tissue paper and tied with …
    A bracelet that bears a positive phrase, to give to a friend, has to be tied with three knots while the friend asks for three wishes.
earrings gift box for girl or woman
  • Think about how they are put on and help how to put it on. For this we have created the Spinny Mocosa to
    help put the earrings in the ears of our little ones, and prevent us from dropping when trying to put it on
    hurt them
    Or Make it like a game to make it more attractive to them.
  • Design an earring to make our girl take her travel earrings. Or when she is a newborn, she can save her earrings for when she grows up and REMEMBER which earrings are the ones that her aunt gave her, the ones her grandmother gave her …
PENDIENTERO jewelry box for your girl and baby earrings gold plara threads nuts MOCOSA
PENDIENTERO jewelry box for your girl and baby earrings gold plara threads nuts
  • And not only think about our earring designs for our little ones, but also how to clean them and keep them clean with this polishing cloth.
Mocosa polishing cloth

Full exposure at points of sale


display with customization for gold and silver earrings


  • Create our Mocosa dolls of all kinds of races to instill in our little ones that we are all the same, no matter race, color, style or thought. Make it a game, that they have fun with them, that they can collect them and remember those good times.
Mocosa dolls collection girls
exhibitor accessories earrings gold silver
  • Not only think about our smallest since we can also wear this type of earrings. In addition, we can wear the same earrings that our daughter, granddaughter, niece wear … That is why we have also created an exhibitor to Share … along with a little box for us much more discreet and without much gift.

    Women earrings, girl earrings, newborn earrings and baby earrings

display to carry the pampering earrings mom girl baby
  • How at all times it is fashionable to wear a type of earrings, like clothes, we have to have jeans and a white shirt in the wardrobe, in the earrings for the same … some pearls or a gold ball it is valid for any moment … how now it is fashionable to wear the creeper earrings one by one, for this we have taken this cactus and simulate the shape of the ear
earrings ear cuff set ear lightning moon ball girl gold Mocosa different combination of one in one
  • Piercings are now super in fashion, whether nose piercings, helix piercings, earrings or simply the screw earrings one by one.
gold lip ear helix nose piercing
  • Like the hoop earrings with pendant or long and the combination of the same
for long earrings or hoops gold silver with or without pendant
  • An exhibitor and collection for communion earrings, with the dove in white and one of our Mocosa dolls dressed for the occasion. You can see more communion earrings here
Earrings for communion with girl
  • Thinking of our distributors and their way of storing and showing them the earrings in a beautiful way, we created our storage box for Mocosa earrings


  • And finally our greatest novelty, our Shainy collection, totally different from everything there is …. GLOW IN THE DARK, they are loaded with sunlight and when there is no light they reflect, a cool earrings, when our girls are They put them in some dark area gives them security and a game for them to be able to see the earrings on and make them shine. For now we do it in silver with a bath, which can be wet, which makes them glow in the dark. Exposed in our distributors with a magical Unicorn and a display where it explains how they look during the day and how they look at night.
unicorn display case shainy earrings glow in the dark silver girl original gift day and night
shainy glow in the dark earrings screw and lock nut original gift Mocosa
  • This 2021 we start with a collection of 18k gold carat bracelets for our little ones and don’t have small ones, they are finite but very modern, with colored zircons, unicorns, star or heart pendants and simple bracelets, but always with a badge to be able to engrave whatever you want. Normally the name is engraved on the front and the date to be remembered on the back.
for bracelet gold or silver girl woman snotty
for bracelet gold silver girl woman
  • And our latest 9k collection designed for older girls, women who no longer have to use 18k gold like newborns or babies, but want a good, nice and cheap material … we have created this collection. They are earrings a little larger than in 18k gold, they can consist of around € 80-120 in 9k gold they cost € 40-60 with all the quality and safety of Mocosa only for girls from 5 or 6 years old up to women.

If in this section of everything about us, you have any questions … do not hesitate to contact us in our

whatsapp 659161881

or in the mail info@mocosa.es

All of us are happy to answer any questions or designs that you come up with.