Best earrings for girls thread safety nut hypoallergenic Mocosa

Best silver earrings girls

Best silver earrings girls

Let’s see which are the best silver earrings for girls , comparing design, quality and price .

First and foremost, we have to remember that all of our girl’s earrings comply with the principles of quality and safety so that they are the best silver earrings for girls:

  • They are lined at the back so that the girl will not be marked or damaged by the earrings.
  • 925 sterling silver, certified by the Madrid Community Metal Laboratory, certified by the Royal Mint.
  • Solid stick to give the earrings strength and consistency .
  • Thread and nut security
  • Solders in sterling silver
  • Pearls, enamels and stones of the best quality.

We can differentiate 6 types of best silver earrings for girls to choose the best ones:

1.- Best Earrings in silver with colored enamel :

This type of silver girl earrings for us are the best for their color and fun, we are going to highlight two models that we love:

Animal earrings in silver:

Unicorn earrings for girls

Best silver girl earrings

Snail in silver for a girl

Best silver girl earrings
Best silver earrings for girls

Top in flower earrings:

Large flower earrings for girls in silver

Flowers have always been the favorite of girls for their dresses and now a set for their silver earrings.

Best silver girl earrings

Heart earrings in silver for a girl:

The best Crown Heart Earrings for girls in silver

Best silver girl earrings

In silver for girls earrings with dessert color enamel :

Some enchanting earrings are the Cup Cake for girls in silver, for us the best

2.- Silver earrings for girls with zirconia :

The favorites for girls are the star earrings in silver

The mouse earrings

in silver they are very striking among girls

3.- The Cheapest and Best Silver Earrings for girls:


we love them for their design, quality and price.

Best silver earrings for girls

Salamanders ,

some earrings from this new 2020 collection for girls in silver, the best

4.- Pearls, a silver wardrobe for a girl:

Cultured pearl earrings for girls in silver

5.- The hoops are now in fashion Silver earrings for girls:

The hoops in silver, for tastes … different sizes

Best silver earrings for girls

6.- Long earrings, in silver for girls:


Long silver earrings now very fashionable for girls, the best at the moment.

Best silver earrings for girls

Packaging for the Mocosa girl silver earrings

We show you how we wrap all the silver earrings for girls, it is not only based on some earrings, we want to surprise our little ones in all aspects.

  • packaging and exhibition all in cardboard, always taking care of the environment.
  • Creating illusion and surprise
  • How  we do it:
    • She has a  colorful  paper bag with hearts and inside …
    • A  candy box  that we call our surprise box …
    • With a   heart-shaped lollipop , strawberry flavor and suitable for celiac @ s
    •  A  gift  that changes, it can be a scrunchie, headband, clip … of different colors
    • The silver earrings  for girls … A MEMORIAL FOR A LIFETIME in a Mocosa heel, wrapped with tissue paper and tied with …
    • A bracelet  that bears a positive phrase, to give to a friend
      • Packaging for silver earrings
      • Bag and box silver earrings Mocosa gift
      • You can see the video of how we assemble it in  this link .
Packaging for silver earrings snotty gift
Packaging for silver earrings Mocosa gift

If at any time you lose the threads , in Mocosa , we will replace them one by one.

These models of earrings are the best, according to our point of view, for girls in silver. Then several factors intervene in which to choose the best silver silver girl earrings, among them:

The age and size of the best silver earrings

The age that girls understand ranges from 2 years to 8 or 10 years, these are the best silver girl earrings that mothers or young women can wear without any problem. What’s more, we encourage moms and girls to share the earrings and to combine their earrings with themselves, alternating, bigger or smaller …

Information Girl earrings for 2-3-4 years

Our little ones with 2-3-4 years are already beginning to be babies to be girls, we recommend silver earrings from 4 millimeters to 5 millimeters for the girl.

At this age they can already wear earrings of all kinds of silver earrings, both in zircons, and with more striking, attractive and different enamel. And always complying with the  principles of QUALITY AND SAFETY Mocosa.

We continue to insist that, from time to time, you change the girls’ earrings in silver to clean them and match their dresses.

Best Silver Earrings for 5-6 years

From 5 to 6 years old girls have concerns and want to wear their outfits with silver earrings. We love that they can put on their own shirt, dress … with their Mocosa earrings.

We recommend using the best silver earrings in 5 or 6 millimeters for girls and complying with the  principles of Mocosa quality.

The girl can also wear all kinds of silver earrings already in lengths if they want or in hoops since they no longer depend on us and they can put them on or take them off or adjust them at any time.

With this age, just like they have their clothes closet, they can have their earring to store their earrings and combine them with their clothes, alternate their earrings in the ear, put a cat in one and a dog in the other, in a star and in another a moon …

Girls 7-8 years

Girls 7-8 years old, at this age little princesses, with their own initiatives.

For this age the best measurement is 6-7 millimeters, but here the girl is already beginning to have a stature that can wear any type of earrings depending on tastes in silver.

Hoop earrings, long, with zirconia or create your own earrings … Count on us if you do not find the model you have in mind to make it for you.

We love to be constantly improving and learning.

The mocosa Earrings for 9 years and up

Here there is no longer any distinction, girls over 9 years old are already like little women and even those silver girl earrings that a woman puts on can be put on by a girl and vice versa. And then for tastes, if you like them smaller or larger but the ideal is 7-8 millimeters earrings onwards.

You can wear all types of silver earrings but always with our quality principles.

We sell the best earrings for girls one by one

Why does Mocosa sell silver earrings for girls “one at a time”?

Various reasons:

  • The girl may lose some of the silver earrings and thus be able to buy “one at a time”
  • If you want your girl to wear one in one way and another in another (example:  a moon  and  a star  ) better “one at a time”
  • For young girls, now that it is so fashionable, they can go “one at a time” doing the diminution or creeper mode.
  • Like  threads , if you lose one, you can buy them “one at a time” or half a pair.

We believe that it is best to sell earrings “one at a time” or half a pair so that you can twin or buy one at a time, whether for girls, babies or not so young.

To meet the demand of twinning or matching earrings for loss, we believe that it is the best option and differentiate ourselves in creating the best silver earrings for girls.

Always with the quality and safety controls that we have in the company, both in  materials , as in manufacturing, design and  packaging .

Many are the moms who ask us if we sell the earrings separately or half a pair, since all the classic companies that sell this type of silver earrings for girls have always sold them wide and have never given the possibility of buy them separately.

We always like to hear the opinions of each one of you, usually you make us see things, ways of buying, designs, different or from another point of view.

If it occurs to you or you have a question about silver girl earrings, a problem with some manufacture, even if it is not ours, you just have to write to us at

Information Cleaning the girl’s earrings 

It is very important that just like we take off their clothes to  wash them , we do the same with the earrings.

This type of silver earrings for girls can be worn at all times, whether for the whole day, showers and sleeping. But with use they can store some dirt between the ear and the earring.

So we have to clean it. Two ways to do it, it all depends on the type of slope:

If the silver earrings for girls  have pearls or  colored enamel , the best thing is:

  • With a little water from time, a toothbrush and a little degreasing soap, rub the pearl or enamel a lot, rinse and dry with an absorbent paper and dryer (not very close to the earrings for girls or with cold air)

However, they  are smooth earrings  or with zirconia,

  • You can do this same process to even boil them a little in a saucepan and a little degreasing soap and dry them with the dryer and hot air.
  • In addition, to give them the last shine, they can be rubbed with a  polishing cloth  and left new and polished to enjoy. If you see that things get complicated, do not have any problem telling us or going to one of our  points of sale  and we will do it for you.

There are liquids to clean, you can see more tricks in this link of  “cleaning earrings for girls”

Stars for girl in silver

Shooting stars are a phenomenon of nature that occurs when a very small piece of material of millimeters or a few centimeters enters the atmosphere and with the friction of our air begins to erode and leave it with light and a trail.

The stars are one of the  favorite earrings for girls in silver.  Our girls tell us how they see the stars in the sky, they are amazed by the shooting stars, the road to Santiago, seeing them discover the constellations …

They also look perfect on girls’ ears, these  star earrings  that we have made of silver have a zirconia to give them sparkles and shine. And the star earrings for girls in gold, we have made them with a double star in matt and gloss, in smooth ones, with many zircons …

We design the silver earrings inspired by the stars, we show you some of the curiosities that make us think.

Curiosities  of the stars:

  • They are formed through hydrogen, gravity, and time.
  • Stars are made of hydrogen but they can carry silver, platinum, uranium and even calcium.
  • The coldest ones are red, the warm yellow ones and the hot ones are blue and greenish white.
  • The oldest is called Methuselah from more than 14500 million years ago.
  • Stars eat planets … especially those that orbit around them.
  • The closest star is the sun and is 150 million km away.

 Shooting stars curiosities :

  • How stars are formed: no matter how large they may seem, they are pieces of meteorites of a millimeter or a few centimeters that enter the atmosphere at high speed and burn by friction with the air, leaving that illuminated trail.
  • The stars reach a speed of 210,000km / h
  • They also call the Meteor Shower: Perseids (July 23 to August 23) Meteor Shower
  • In one day you can see between 60 and 200 shooting stars.
  • There is always a wish to make if we see any stars.

 Unicorn earrings :

Right now the most fashionable and best earrings for girls, design, quality and price, are the silver unicorn earrings for girls. A mythological being that for years has been causing us curiosities:

  • They say that unicorns had a life of about 1000 years
  • The unicorn have the ability to teleport
  • Unicorns were immune to spells or poisons
  • I know there are unicorns with the golden horn
  • The horns of the unicorns could open doors to spaces of other dimensions.
  • Unicorns were said to be able to handle the weather around them
  • And the horns when exposed to the light of the full moon granted wishes.
  • Cave paintings with unicorns have been found
  • The first paintings of unicorns were found in Lascaux France
  • Unicorns were creatures with a white body, blue eyes, a multicolored horn, and a purple head.

We manufacture different types of unicorn earrings in silver or gold for girls, with a lot of design but always with the principles of quality and Mocosa safety, so that they are perfect in the girl’s ear and without worrying that it may cause any damage.

Long silver earrings

Made in Spain, they can be smooth, without stones, delicate, cheap, with more or less design, with or without stones.

We decided to design some earrings with a chain, fine, with style and for all occasions, in the ear they are super beautiful and with the possibility of combining earrings to make them a creeper with more earrings, or combining them mismatched with hoop earrings with pendants, or small earrings.

Long crown earrings Long earrings Cultured pearl Long gold earrings

All the earrings are the best for each one, in silver for girls they can be combined to make your perfect combination

Post-sale service of silver mocosa earrings

At Mocosa we are not only dedicated to manufacturing and selling silver girl earrings. We care a lot that you use the product a lot and spend it. 

If at any time you have a problem with the Mocosa earrings, don’t have them, we have all the necessary machines to fix any breakage or problem.

  • You  lose  a silver earring for a girl, in mocosa you can buy  one at a time .
  • Loss the  thread , in Mocosa we  sell them to you .
  • Silver with use loses its shine, we can  polish it  and leave it new
  • If   the stick of a silver earring breaks due to bending it too much or the handle is bent, we have a repair service with laser machines and welders where we can fix it.
  • The silver can be worn down by use, but no problem, it is re-  rim  and perfect
  • Loss of a pearl  or zirconia can be set and glued again.
  • To  clean , we clean them and leave them new, or any of our authorized points of sale



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