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Characteristics and Types of Mocosa accessories

We are always pending to create tools, little things, not only original earrings, but tools that help or facilitate everything related to earrings for newborn baby and girl:


Tool to help our girls put and remove the threads and nuts with ease. Make it like a game so that it does not bother them and that they take it more easily. Perfect for catching and not slipping through your fingers, as they are little things that you have to be careful about.
• Made of plastic and silicone
• It can get wet and is washable
• Detachable
• With pink and white colors.
• Mocosa’s mark is laser engraved

Polishing cloth:

To give the last touch of cleaning to the earrings, as we recommend cleaning the earrings from time to time, every 15 days or a month, they must be removed and cleaned. This cloth adds the last touch of shine to the earrings. Do not wear too often or forcefully with white gold and silver earrings.
• They measure 8 * 8 cm from side to side
• In pink
• Do not wet: it has a treatment so that when cleaning the pieces of more shine
• Engraved with the brand of brat in different colors

Threads, nuts and pressures:

Both classic and universal in both 18k gold and 925 silver
Material certified by the Metals Laboratory of the Community of Madrid
Mocosa points of sale

We are more than 500 points of sale in Spain, here you can see live the different mocosa accessories for baby or girl.
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