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Enamel Color

Gold Earrings With Enamel Color

Characteristics of the funniest earrings in enamel color
Made of 18 carat gold with enamel color and a quality certificate verified by the Precious Metals Contrast Laboratory of Madrid and with contrast from the Royal Mint.
Each colored gold earrings with enamel are welded with 18 karat gold, there are manufacturers that put tin and rare materials that can give you allergies, for us it is prohibited. Quality above all with our small and not so small.
All the toothpicks of the earrings with enamel color are solid and contrasted with the Mocosa brand to certify that they are solid and give greater strength, stability and security for our newborns, babies and girls.
Each enamel on our earrings is made with the best materials to give it greater durability and resistance. It does not mean that it is infinite and forever, like everything, every time the earrings are worn, they have wear, if at the time the enamel wears out we can re-enamel it, it is the after-sales service that Mocosa offers for just like a dress It gets dirty overnight and is taken to the dry cleaner, earrings also have their wear and tear and can be fixed and cleaned.

To Clean

To clean the earrings for a baby or newborn girl, we leave you a post on how to do it, here.
We perform a quality test on all our gold earrings to ensure quality and safety. You can see the video that how we do it. As a result of this quality test, the spinny resulted, which is a device to help us put on or remove earrings from baby or newborn girls, reducing the possibility of losing the thread between the fingers or between the dresses …
And to put the icing on the cake, the staging of each of the colored enamel earrings with their packaging, consisting of a bag and a cardboard box, inside it has a whole box of surprises with its hair pin (or a similar gift), a gluten-free lollipop suitable for celiacs and the chocolate with its taco, its tissue paper wrapper and a bracelet with a positive phrase that the girl has to give to another girl by tying it with three knots while making three wishes.
Made in Spain, from the colored enamel earrings, clearly, to all the packaging, exhibition and even the ink from our printer.
And always concerned about the safety, quality and design of each one of the enamel colored earrings.
Constantly daring, different, original, unique and different from everything there is.

Types of colored earrings in enamel

They are the funniest earrings in our entire collection, we can find different styles:

Classics: like ladybugs, butterflies, cherries, hearts, strawberries …
Animals such as poodles, bees, owls, koalas, dragonflies, different butterflies, bears, bears, turtles, starfish …
Exclusives like our girls Mocosas, blondes and brunettes, unicorns on their own heads or whole body, ballerina shoes …
Desserts like muffins, muffins or candies …

Quality of gold earrings

Each of the gold earrings is contrasted with our Mocosa brand to certify our quality and safety, especially in the chopsticks, certifying that they are solid, with its back.
We want the best for our little daughters, granddaughters, nieces and we make earrings for girls, babies or newborn babies as if it were for our daughters. Looking at safety and quality first.
Being made with 18 karat gold of the highest quality in the manufacture of earrings, we make sure that the material is the most noble and hypoallergenic that we can manufacture.
You can rest assured with the quality of our earrings

Earrings design

We focus on designing totally different earrings, always relying on classic earrings, they can already be balls, pearls, chatons … but always with that modern touch, different, with the girl or girl brat roll that goes ahead of your old, daring, different, original.
Inspired by everything we girls like, nature, animals, different and original figures …
That they can combine with little dresses ..


One of our differentiations is to be able to sell one by one to match or match the earrings.
We do this so if at some point the girl, baby or newborn loses an earring, we can buy a gold earring only. Or if the girl or young woman likes to wear two different earrings, she can buy one in one way and the other in another.

Threads and Nuts or screw back for earrings

We manufacture the best threads and nuts for gold earrings with enamel color.
Totally universal for any type of earring or earring.
I always gold 18k

Mocosa points of sale

We are more than 450 points of sale in Spain, here you can see live the different earrings for girls, babies or newborn babies.

You can read more about girl earrings, baby earrings, newborn earrings, earrings or earrings for communion, how to clean them, the perfect age for each girl, baby or newborn … in our blog … browse