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Desserts in Silver Earrings

Characteristics of the Desserts Silver Earrings:

  • All the desserts silver earrings are made of 925 silver with a quality certificate by the Precious Metals Contrast Laboratory of Madrid and verified by the Royal Mint.
  • All parts of the silver earrings are welded with 925 silver welds so that they do not suffer from any type of allergy and are of the highest quality for our girls or women.
  • Each of the desserts silver earrings has a solid 925 stick (NOT hollow) to give it greater hardness, resistance and security.
  • Lined or with a back, this means that all silver earrings are covered at the back with a full back or sideburns so that with contact with the ear they are safe and do not hurt.
  • The glazes we use are baked for maximum durability.
  • Threads and lock nuts on all our earrings for girls or women.
  • We do a quality test on all our silver earrings to ensure quality and safety.
  • Perfect original gift with its box, cardboard bag, lollipop, bow and gift bracelet, ideal for our girl, daughter, niece, granddaughter … or for ourselves. For women it carries its packaging but with fewer children’s gifts.
  • Made in Spain 100% quality, all earrings, packaging and exhibition.
  • Always in continuous training and attentive to the latest news that we can offer, such as our idea of ​​Mocosa.
    Always daring, different, original and totally different from everything there is.

Quality of the silver desserts earrings

  • Each of the silver earrings in the desserts collection is contrasted with our Mocosa brand to certify our quality and safety, especially on the chopsticks, certifying that they are solid, with their back.
  • We want the best for our little daughters, granddaughters, nieces and we make earrings for girls or women as if it were for our daughters or ourselves. Looking at safety and quality first.
  • Being made with 925 silver of the highest quality in the manufacture of earrings, we make sure that the material is the most noble and hypoallergenic that we can manufacture.
  • You can rest assured with the quality of our earrings

Silver earrings design

  • We focus on designing totally different earrings, always relying on classic earrings, they can already be balls, pearls, chatons … but always with that modern touch, different, with the girl or girl brat roll that goes ahead of your old, daring, different, original.
  • Inspired by everything we girls like, nature, animals, different and original figures …
  • That they can combine with little dresses …

Types of Desserts Earrings

We organize the collection in:

  • Fruit earrings: classic cherries and modern cherries, strawberries, classic and modern pineapple, apple, pear, lemon, orange, watermelon, modern strawberries or cheap classic strawberries …
  • Modern: cup cake, ice cream, gingerbread cookie, candy …


One of our differentiations is being able to sell desserts earrings one at a time to match or match the earrings.
We do this so if at any time the girl or woman loses an earring, we can buy a gold earring only. Or if the girl or young woman likes to wear two different earrings, she can buy one in one way and the other in another.

Threads Nuts and Pressures

We manufacture the best threads, nuts and pressures for silver earrings.
Totally universal for any type of earring or earring.
Always in 925 silver

Mocosa points of sale

We are more than 500 points of sale in Spain, here you can see live the different silver earrings for girls or women.

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Post-sale service for desserts silver earrings

  • How to clean earrings
  • Earring breakage
  • Stick break
  • Has bent the toothpick from the earring
  • The enamel color of the earring has gone
  • Has the enamel fallen off?
  • We roll the earrings again
  • Do you want pressure instead of thread or nut?
  • Have you lost an earring and want to buy just one?
  • Have you lost the thread or nut of the earring? We sell them to you
  • You cannot find the earring you are looking for … we have a factory for your earrings
  • You want an earring from a drawing of the girl