Care of the earrings

Care of the earrings

Care of the earrings and Disinfection of Mocosa earrings, we show you how we do the last 99.9% disinfection of possible bugs and viruses that the Newborn, baby and girl Mocosa Earrings may have in both gold and silver. For us it is very important that all earrings, along with their threads and nuts, come out perfect

Mainly we are going to see how we clean and care for the girl’s earrings in both gold and silver. Mocosa does not manufacture with plated or anything that may confuse customers, we manufacture with the best pure materials such as 18k gold and 925 sterling beach.

The packaging means the Care of the earrings

the box for the earrings, we want to show you how we wrap our baby and girl earrings, whether they are gold or silver. And always meeting our quality standards in manufacturing and product certification. Everything has to be perfect and always in search of that perfection.

For us, the quality and safety that is reflected in our snotty contrast is essential. When we make gold and silver earrings for girls or babies, they have the contrast of snot stamped on the stick, this means: »If it does not have that contrast, it is not snotty and does not meet all our controls.

Complying with our quality and safety standards. Look for our seal of Quality on the stick of each earring.

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