Cleaning and care of Mocosa girl's earrings

Clean care girl’s earrings

Clean care girl’s earrings

Mainly we are going to see how we clean and care for the girl’s earrings in both gold and silver.

Mocosa does not manufacture with plated or anything that may confuse customers, we manufacture with the best pure materials such as 18k gold and 925 sterling beach.

First comment that, all manufactured in Spain and complying with Mocosa’s Quality and Safety principles:

  • They are  lined at the back  so that the girl will not be marked or damaged by the earrings.
  • White gold and 18k yellow gold  by the Madrid Metal Laboratory, certified by the Royal Mint.
  • Solid toothpick  to give the earrings strength and consistency  .
  • Thread and nut  security
  • Gold welds
  • Cultured pearls and enamels of the best quality.
  • Brilliant diamonds of the  best quality.

Girl earrings have to be maintained, or we will help you to do it in one of our distributors or we teach you how to clean and care for girl’s gold or silver earrings.

Girl's Earrings Solid Stick Lined, Thread, Safety, Snot, Illusion, Baby Girl Earrings
Girl’s Earrings Solid Stick Lined, Thread, Safety, Mocosa , Illusion, Baby Girl Earrings

The second thing we have to bear in mind is that nothing is infinite and wears out , but we do not have to worry about this, we have to wear the earrings without problem and with complete confidence, if something happens we will help you fix it .

Main cleaning and care problems for girl’s earrings

We not only dedicate ourselves to selling and we do not forget everything else, once you buy your  Girl’s Earrings in gold,  white gold or silver , wear them, spend them and enjoy them, we fix them :

  • You  lose  a gold, white gold or silver earring, in mocosa you can buy  one at a time .
  • Lost the thread , in Mocosa we  sell them to you .
  • Wearing earrings in the ear causes   the enamel to wear away , but it can be re-enameled (just like a shirt gets stained, it must be taken to the dry cleaner)
  • With use, the gold loses its shine, we can  polish it  and leave it new
  • If a stone or pearl comes  off or falls off  due to a blow, it can be glued or set again.
  • If   the toothpick of a gold earring breaks due to bending it too much or the handle bends, we have a repair service with laser machines and welders where we can fix it.
  • White gold can be worn down by use, but no problem, it is re-  rhodium-plated  and perfect.
  • The shading of the earrings may go away due to use. You can give a mate again

You have to be careful, and realize soon the cleaning and care of the girl’s earrings so that any of these problems do not happen to a girl with earrings, since due to use they can wear out and damage the earrings in the ear and you can make it some mark.

Cleaning and pending girl care.

We study the care, cleaning and precautions for girl’s earrings.


  • When we put the earrings on the girl, we must be careful, especially when they are very flat, to squeeze the earrings from the sides so that they do not bend.
  • Instead of picking up the earring, we recommend holding the earring by pressing it against your ear instead of grasping it.
  • When tightening the thread , we have two options, either we tighten it very tightly and let the toothpick pass the thread (with this, it will adjust more earring to the girl’s ear) or it is tightened just enough so that the thread does not pass and remains tight .
  • We tighten the thread that is perpendicular to the toothpick so that it does not get bent and if you have any problems, we have a device to help you with tightening or removing the threads .
  • You have to check the pressure and the thread of the nut from time to time, tighten them from time to time a little, since with use it can loosen.
  • We advise the cleaning and care of the girl’s earrings at least once every 3 weeks – 1 month, like dresses, shirts, clothes in general, we clean and wash them normally, the earrings are the same, you have to have a discipline of cleaning and caring for the girl’s earrings.
Cleaning and care of girl’s earrings


It is very important, that just as we remove their clothes to  wash them , we do the same with the cleaning and care earrings for girls.

This type of girl’s earrings can be worn at all times, for day to day, showers and sleeping. But with use they can store some dirt between the ear and the earring.

That is why we have to clean and care for the girl’s earrings. Two ways to do it, it all depends on the type of gold or silver earring :.

If the girl’s earrings have pearls or colored enamel, the cleaning and care must be:

  • In a saucepan with old water and a little dishwasher that is not very aggressive (neither bleaches nor alcohols)
  • We rub them with a toothbrush taking care of the pearls and enamel, better to clean the back that is in contact with the girl’s ear.
  • We clarify
  • And we dry with an absorbent paper and a dryer with cold air.

When the girl’s earrings are smooth or with zircons , the cleaning and care of the girl’s earrings has to be:

  • In a saucepan with water and a little dishwasher
  • We put the gold earrings on the fire / induction until they boil.
  • Taking care not to burn ourselves, we take them out and rub them with a toothbrush
  • We clarify
  • We dry with an absorbent paper and a dryer.

In addition, to give them the last shine, they can be rubbed with a  polishing cloth  and left new and polished to enjoy. If you see that things get complicated, do not have any problem telling us or going to one of our  points of sale  and we will do it for you.

Be careful with communion earrings made of white gold or silver as they are plated with rhodium and with use it wears out, do not rub them too much with the polishing cloth.

There are liquids to clean, you can see more tricks in this link  “cleaning earrings for a girl” .

Other methods of cleaning and caring for earrings for girls

Cleaning and care for girl’s silver earrings.

There are other ways of cleaning and caring for girl’s silver earrings. Instead of soap and rub you can:

If the silver earrings are smooth or with zircons , the cleaning and care of the girl’s earrings can be done:

  • In a saucepan, put two glasses of hot water with a tablespoon of salt and dilute it , making sure that the silver earrings for girls are covered by the water.
  • We take a DIN A4 size aluminum sheet, cut it into strips of the size of half a folio and add it to the mixture of water with room and the earrings
  • And we let her react to clean the silver girl’s earrings
  • As soon as we see that it has acted, we remove it and with a cloth we clean it, removing the dirt challenge that has been hollowed out.
  • We clarify and we have some perfect silver girl earrings to wear again.
  • Then we can always give it the polishing cloth to give it the last look and leave it polished and perfect.
Best earrings for girls
Best silver girl earrings in mouse ear

Piercing how to clean and care for a girl’s earrings

Piercings, as well as earrings, have to go through the cleaning and care process for a girl or young woman.

And now and more and more, piercings are more present in our day to day, they are no longer fashionable for daily use, in the ear, nose, lip … to avoid pain and uncomfortable situations it is better to have a continuity of cleaning and cared like the girl’s earrings.

First care

Especially when you have just done a piercing, you have to be careful and keep both the piercing and the ear, nose or lip area clean and avoid inflammation, infections and unnecessary problems.

  • First and foremost when you make earrings or piercings in your ear, nose or lip, to touch it you have to have your hands very clean with soap and water.
  • Once we have been with the earring or piercing for days, scarring scabs will begin to form. That is good, not to find red areas and less that they hurt.
  • You do not have to tear off the scabs , but if you soften them with a stick dipped in water and touch it lightly so that it moistens and it can fall off by itself.
  • Wash the area with water and neutral soap, depending on the area where you do it, you will need to clean it more frequently but once or twice a day is fine. And rinse with plenty of water, so that there are no traces of soap or dirt.
  • We recommend after rinsing with water, rinsing again with saline solution .
  • For drying , sterilized gauze is best, do not use towels or cotton so that there are no threads or anything that could endanger the cleaning and care of the girls’ earrings or piercing.
  • Do not remove your piercing or earrings for a girl at any time that has a scab, only when it has healed well without redness, inflammation or scabs.
  • These are our cleaning and care recommendations for girl’s earrings.

Cleaning and care tips for a girl’s piercing or earrings

If the girl’s piercing or earrings are on the eyebrow or nose:

  • Avoid makeup and creams in the areas of the earrings.
  • If you have been infected by some other cause, it is best to see a doctor.

Store the earrings in your jeweler or earring box

We love that you can change earrings or piercings for the girl and combine them with your dresses or accessories. Not only do we have to exercise the cleaning and care of the girl’s earrings, if we keep them in a safe place, which allows us to take them on a trip and be able to store and use them comfortably, it would be perfect.

We offer you a perfect earring to store girl’s earrings, each super beautiful in wood.

Earrings in gold and sterling silver

Using the best materials  is one of our principles for the manufacture of girl’s earrings and with our daughters we are not going to play it.

We only use HYPOALLERGENIC materials, always certified gold and pure noble silver of the best quality.

Gold in nature is found in 24k carats, which is very white for manufacturing, we have to combine it with other materials so that they have the necessary hardness and be able to endure.

We explain the qualities of gold :

  • 24k karat is 100% pure gold, it is very white to make earrings.
  • 18k carats is a combination of 75% gold + 12.5% ​​pure silver + 12.5% ​​copper (called 750 gold)

In Spain the best gold to make is in 18k and all our girls earrings are made with this

You have to ask for your certifying the highest quality gold for manufacturing.

They call it “Low Gold”:

  • 14k karat with 58.5% pure gold (585 gold)
  • 9k carats with 37.5% pure gold (375 gold)

In conclusion and by law in Spain the best gold for the manufacture of baby and girl earrings is 18k gold karat.

❤ illusion zero allergies, hypoallergenic, medicinal earrings gold silver baby girl

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