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Made in Spain

❤ ilusion for Newborn, baby,
girl and not so girls
Why the Mocosa brand?
Why did we choose this name for the brand? ❤ Ilusion

❤ Mocosa earrings that is daring, rogue, daring, mischievous, unique … that attracts attention and especially withilusion.

Always from the good vibes and looking at the positive part of Mocosa, how do we refer to our beauties of the house?

Brat, according to wordreference, says of someone who is young and very curious … PERFECT.

This is MOCOSA, we mainly manufacture earrings but we have a line of accessories for girls and babies, carefree, daring, that goes beyond the classic and normal.

On this website you will see different types of baby and silver earrings classified by gold and silver:

Earrings or earrings of gold or silver ❤ ilusion

All types Smooth gold earrings, Gold earrings with zirconia stones, Gold earrings with multi-stone stones, Gold earrings with colored stone, Enamel gold earrings, Gold pearl earrings, Gold earrings with diamonds, Exclusive gold earrings Mocosa, Long gold earrings, Gold hoop earrings, Hoop pendants, Helx piercing and ear cuff, Gold threads, nuts and pressure.

And the types of silver earrings

Silver earrings in the shape of animals, flowers and hearts, silver earrings in the shape of desserts, silver earrings with stones, silver earrings with pearls, smooth silver earrings, silver earrings with rings and threads, nuts and silver pressures) , gold pendant, gold bracelets, silver sets, Mocosa dolls, jewelers, earrings and accessoriescomplementos


Later, we will talk about each of our gold and silver earrings and we will specify the characteristics of all of them, which are the ideal earrings for a baby or the perfect earrings for a girl.

We attach a photo to each type of earrings so you can see how they look in the ear

more ilusion
more ilusion

Basic principles for the manufacture of our earrings for girls and babies ❤ Mocosa earrings

First, to say that all our gold and silver earrings are manufactured by us, in our workshop, MADE IN SPAIN ❤ illusion, to ensure this manufacture we contrast them with our brand on the stick. Certifying our manufacturing principles.

Consistently with our PRINCIPLES, a concept of achieving perfection in QUALITY, SAFETY, DESIGN R&D, FACILITIES AND ❤ ilusion:


Quality is the most important thing for us, the materials we use are always of the best quality.

As experts in the analysis of this type of earrings in jewelry and accessories for girls or babies, we want to provide you with all the information that is in our hands so that you are right in choosing earrings for your baby or earrings for your girl. Therefore, one of the fundamental aspects is the materials with which we manufacture our gold earrings and silver earrings, one of the safest options for our newborns, babies and girls.

We do not want to lower the price and lower the quality and less for our girls or babies, always with ❤ ilusion we do manufacture with the highest quality 18 karat gold – 750 and 925 sterling silver Certified by Laboratorio Metales de Madrid and Casa Real de la Moneda.

We deliver certification contrast

Cultured and river pearls:

Shape types:

  • Round
  • Oval
  • Flat


  • White
  • Cream
  • rose

Zircons: sizes and colors
Diamonds: quality, size and color looking for PERFECTION:

  • Glossy: round
  • Princess: square
  • Heart
  • Pear
  • Oval
  • Enamels: all our enamels are heat treated, the most resistant, it does not mean that they are infinite, the better they are treated, the longer they will last perfect.

There are more and more intolerances and allergies and the products, in this case pending, are obtaining a lot of value when making the right choice. And as we say, especially to choose baby earrings or girl earrings.

We always advise to maintain this quality is that personal hygiene has to be constant. Therefore, we will talk more in depth later:

Caring for earrings for girls or babies
Cleaning the earrings


Thinking that all our earrings for girls and more for baby ❤ illusion, do not give any problem:

  • Hypoallergenic materials for MAXIMUM safety in allergies.
  • Make the earrings in a rounded shape
  • Cover behind, that is not hollow, either with a full plate or sideburns
  • Stability and consistency with a solid toothpick.
  • Safety threads: tested with our quality control (you can watch the video here)
  • Make the edges as round as possible, in flowers, balls, shapes …

As for the safety guide proposed by the government of Spain, for healthy lifestyles, in this case how to safely use small pieces for a baby, for us baby earrings.

In summary, for babies or girls under 3 years it is better to separate the earrings and keep them stored at all times.

Inspect at all times, especially when changing the baby’s clothes, that the earrings are well in the ears and ensure pressure of the thread or nut. That it is not bent, nor too tight so that it can be hooked.

Regularly monitor cleanliness, fit and shape.

solid stick lined, thread, safety, Mocosa, illusion, baby girl earrings
solid stick lined, thread, safety, Mocosa, ❤ illusion, baby girl earrings


We perform the function by definition: “Creative activity that aims to make them useful and aesthetic”

Without a doubt, baby or girl earrings are useful and aesthetic.

We want to get out of the classics but without losing our roots, creating illusion is one of our purposes, this is like clothes, a white shirt or jeans is a wardrobe essential such as pearl or ball earrings, but tomorrow we will It takes the patterns of squares or animal print as unicorns or starfish can be.


    • Packaging and exhibition all in cardboard, always taking care of the environment
    • Creating illusion and surprise
    • How we do it:
      She carries a colorful paper bag with hearts and inside …
      A candy box that we call our surprise box …
      With a heart-shaped lollipop, strawberry flavor and suitable for celiac @ s
      A gift that changes, it can be a scrunchie, hair band, clip … of different colors
      The gold or silver earrings for baby or girl … A MEMORIAL FOR A LIFETIME in Mocosa block, wrapped with tissue paper and tied with …
      A bracelet that bears a positive phrase, to give to a friend
      Packaging for gold and silver earrings

      Packaging for gold earrings Mocosa gift ❤ ilusion
      Bag and box silver earrings Mocosa gift ❤ ilusion
      Bag and box silver earrings Mocosa gift ❤ ilusion
      Bag and box silver earrings Mocosa gift ❤ ilusion

      You can see the video of how we assemble it in this link.


We seek to make everything related to earrings, jewelry or accessories for girls and babies easy, comfortable and fun, full of creativity and enthusiasm.

Help baby or girl earrings become more and more comfortable to put on or take off, that they fit better, way to take it, check it and check …

We have a research team thinking at all times, how to improve all types of manufacturing, how to put it on and take it off …

To find the ease of putting the rocks we have this a resin tool that allows you to hook the thread and put it more easily without having to put your hand. You can see it here.

made mocosa earrings spain silver gold handmade ❤ ilusion
❤ earrings Mocosa

Silver earrings

Always complying with our PRINCIPLES of quality, safety, design and ease, if you lose your illusion.

We differentiate our designs of silver earrings between these themes:

Animals, flowers and hearts
With zircons
Pearls, turquoise and coral
Threads and pressures

We not only manufacture jewelry in the form of earrings

Silver sets: with earrings, pendants, bracelets and chokers
And many accessories to accompany.
Earring jewelry box: organize, take on a trip and change / combine with out fit.
Mocosa dolls: collectible toys to increase the surprise and illusion
Buffing and cleaning cloths

Tool to help remove and put on SPINNY earrings

Long silver earrings are very fashionable at the moment, because they are a bit out of the ordinary, they are more intended for girls or women, also called maxi size, a party look, you have them with stones, flowers, feathers … we bet for more subtle, small, fine, light designs … they have different motifs for all tastes, from crowns for the princess of the house to cultured pearls.

Willing to improve and continue creating ❤ ilusion.

If you have a design in mind and we don’t have it manufactured, get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do.

Types Gold earrings ❤ Mocosa earrings

With our PRINCIPLES of quality, safety, design and ease.

In gold earrings we can differentiate them between these topics:

  • Smooth: They are earrings that do not have stones or enamel, just gold, perfect earrings for a baby, girl or woman.
  • Enamel color: Earrings painted with heat enamel, more daring perfect earrings for girls and moms.
  • Zircons:
  • Multi-stone: making a set of zircons with more than 2 in each gold earring.
  • Color stone
  • With Diamonds
  • Pearl, coral or turquoise
  • Exclusives Mocosa
  • Hoops
  • Hoop pendants
  • Long
  • Piercing, helix and air cuff
  • Threads and pressures

Jewels to accompany the earrings

  • Gold pendants to match the earrings
  • Gold bracelets: for newborns, with engraving plate

Many accessories to accompany ❤ Mocosa earrings.

  • Earring jewelry box: organize, take on a trip and change / combine with out fit.
  • Mocosa dolls: collectible toys to enlarge the surprise and illusion
  • Buffing and cleaning cloths
  • Tool to help remove and put on SPINNY earrings
  • All studs, threads and nuts are sold one at a time.Now the gold hoop earrings with pendants are very fashionable, we sell the hoop earrings separately from the pendants and all one by one, so you can create the fantasies and combinations you want.
gold hoop earrings with Mocosa hoop pendant ❤ ilusion
gold hoop earrings with Mocosa hoop pendant ❤ ilusion


Do you have a design or idea for earrings, jewelry, accessories or tools that we don’t have and would you like us to create?

Contact us.

No allergies for our babies and girls

Using the best materials is one of our principles and with our daughters we are not going to play it.

We only use HYPOALLERGENIC materials, always certified gold and silver of the best quality.

Gold in nature is found in 24k carats, which is very white for manufacturing, we have to combine it with other materials so that they have the necessary hardness and be able to endure.

We explain the qualities of gold:

24k karat is 100% pure gold is very white to make earrings.
18k carats is a combination of 75% gold + 12.5% pure silver + 12.5% copper (called 750 gold)

You have to ask for your certifying the highest quality gold for manufacturing.

They call it “Low Gold”:

14k karat with 58.5% pure gold (585 gold)
9k carats with 37.5% pure gold (375 gold)

In conclusion and by law in Spain the best gold for the manufacture of baby and girl earrings is 18k gold.

❤ ilusion zero allergies, hypoallergenic, medicinal earrings gold silver baby girl
❤ earrings Mocosa

❤ Earrings Mocosa for newborn, girl an baby

In this section we are going to see how we do so that from scratch, start up full of illusion to create some earrings for a baby or girl, first and foremost, who is it for? and we go on…


  • Girl or baby?
  • Make it comfortable
  • Fun
  • Original
  • Different

Confidence and security in the earrings

  • Fulfilling our QUALITY and SAFETY PRINCIPLES
  • Rounded
  • Do not prick or scratch
  • Do not hook


  • Centered toothpick.
  • We study the size of the toothpick for each type of ear:
  • A baby has the thinnest lobe.
  • For a girl it has to be a little bit bigger.
  • Or for not so girl, woman … a little bigger.
  • Make a prototype of the earring and try it on the ear

So, all the earrings and fabrications that we make in Mocosa have to go through several phases, it takes months from when we have an idea until it goes on the market, sometimes years, to think about that design and carry it out until there is no problem. for baby or girl, always with enthusiasm and desire to continue learning.

❤ Creation of baby snotty earrings

In fact, not all earrings are perfectly suitable for a baby, girl or newborn, you have to differentiate the demand for each of them very well, so we advise for each of them:

In this section we are going to see the size of the perfect baby earrings for each age:

We recommend earrings for Newborn up to 1 year:

In 18 karat gold
in 3 millimeters: that is not too big and looks more earring than ear
No enamels colors: better smooth or with stones set
Rounded prevents scratches
that is not too high to avoid snags
The solid toothpick: strength, integrity and security
With safety thread
Put them on and take them off with the tool that facilitates the Spinny process

Baby from 1 year to 2 years ❤ Mocosa earrings:

In 18 karat gold
in 4 millimeters: that is not too big and looks more earring than ear
Rounded shape prevents scratches
do not be too high to avoid snagging
Solid toothpick: strength, integrity and security
and security thread
To have the ease of being able to put them on and take them off easy to use the Spinny tool

Up to 3 years baby with earrings ❤ Mocosa earrings:

18 karat gold earrings
in 4 millimeters: that is not too big and looks more earring than ear
Rounded shape prevents scratches
do not be too high to avoid snagging
Solid stick: strength, integrity and security
and security thread
To have the ease of being able to put them on and take them off easy to use the Spinny tool

Of course, these are tips that we give for baby earrings, we will always recommend putting gold and of the highest quality, but the size already goes a bit to taste.

Due to the trajectory that we have in this world, we like to make you reach our conclusions but to taste there is nothing written.

Measure for ❤ Girl’s Mocosa earrings

Each one has the taste of it, we advise the measure of the perfect girl’s earrings for each age and continue creating illusion:

Earrings or earrings for girls from 2 to 4 years old, we recommend:

  • In 18 karat gold
  • in 4-5 millimeters: that it is not too big or too small and looks more or less earring than ear
    Freedom with enamel, pearls, zircons …
  • Rounded shape prevents scratches
  • that is not too high to avoid snags
  • Solid toothpick: strength, integrity and security
  • With safety thread
  • Put them on and take them off with the tool that facilitates the Spinny process

For girls from 4 to 6 years we recommend:

  • In 18 karat gold up to 6 years old, 925 sterling silver
  • in 5-6 millimeters: freedom for tastes … bigger or smaller
  • Freedom with enamel, pearls, zircons …
  • The shape and design you want
  • Solid stick: strength, integrity and security
  • With safety thread

From 6 to 8 years we recommend:

  • In 18 carat gold or 925 silver
  • in 6-7-8 millimeter: here it influences how big the girl is and tastes
  • Freedom with enamel, pearls, zircons …
  • The shape and design you want
  • Solid stick: strength, integrity and security
  • With safety thread
  • Girls ages 9 and up

however you want, at this age earrings of all kinds, colors, shapes and materials are worth ❤ illusion.


Care for our ❤ Mocosa earrings for girl and baby

The baby or girl earrings is one more complement such as a dress or a shirt, the comfort that these earrings have, especially for babies, is that you can put them on and they can sleep with them. The only thing that from time to time you have to check them, either because of the thread that loosens or if they have some dirt … which in the long run can bother the baby or girl

Keep in mind that nothing is forever and the more we take care of it the better.

We show you how to wash them for each type of baby or girl earrings:

Two types of earrings:

For silver or gold earrings in smooth or with zircons we have to:

In a saucepan with water and a little dishwasher
We put the gold earrings on the fire / induction until they boil.
Taking care not to burn ourselves, we take them out and rub them with a toothbrush
We clarify
We dry with an absorbent paper and a dryer.

And the earrings or earrings that have pearls or enamels

We take a bowl with water of the time and a little dishwasher (that is not aggressive)
And we rub with a toothbrush very gently, avoiding stones and enamel.
We wet with water of time and rinse
and dry with absorbent paper
Use dryer in cold form

To give it the last touch, we can use a polishing cloth to polish it perfectly (only to gold or silver).

Information Girl’s earrings with animal designs

Animals are one of the great passions of our girls, they love them. All show great surprise, illusion, admiration or fear when they come across one. They go straight to touch you with all their innocence! Adorable!

Right now we have different animals made such as ladybugs, butterflies, starfish, salamanders, hedgehogs, storks, owls, bears, flamingo, giraffe, dog, cat, elephants, unicorns, little birds, … both in gold and silver and we continue to design new ones Animal earrings for girls, among which we have earrings… dolphins, penguins, frogs, bears, ponies… these earrings are really very colorful and very funny.

We will teach you new designs that we make, since we are in constant movement of designs. And if you have an idea of ​​earrings for a girl, you can tell us, write to us by email and we can still make it.

girls earrings with animals candy desserts in gold

Fruits and desserts designs for girl’s earrings

Together with the animals these are the most colorful and fun earrings for girls.

Among the fruits that girls like the most, there are studies that the banana is at the top, followed by the apple, strawberries, orange … and the least avocado, lemon …

We have made strawberries, cherries, pineapples, pears, candies, cup cakes … super pretty and colorful. And we continue to design new models, even so you can tell us any idea you have to make earrings for your girls.

Stars for girl’s earrings

Shooting stars are a phenomenon of nature that occurs when a very small piece of material of millimeters or a few centimeters enters the atmosphere and with the friction of our air begins to erode and leave it with light and a trail.

The stars are one of the favorite earrings for girls. Our girls tell us how they see the stars in the sky, they are amazed by the shooting stars, the road to Santiago, seeing them discover the constellations …

They also look perfect on girls’ ears, these star earrings that we have made of silver have a zirconia to give them sparkles and shine. And the star earrings for girls in gold, we have made them with a double star in matt and gloss, in smooth ones, with multi-zircons …

Information Flower-shaped girl earrings

Spring is the season of flowers, but girls can always wear them on their ears, with a lot of design and joy.

Girls love their dresses or flower accessories, the favorite color of girls is pink and many girls are named after flowers (lily, rose, veronica, melissa margarita, iris, spring, violet … Rosalía a phenomenon of the moment and many more)

Among the collection of earrings, flowers have always been preferred. We can manufacture it in plain, with zircons, with 5 petals, 6 petals, with color … both in gold and silver. Look at this link

The balls a classic earring for a girl

A classic in girl’s earrings both in gold and silver. Always looking for functionality, geometry, comfort and safety. Also made in different sizes for different girls.

A wardrobe for all occasions. We recommend having an earring jewelry box where you can store different earrings for girls to combine them on different occasions, whether for a party, communion, birthdays or simply for everyday use.

we have pearl balls, coral, turquoise, gold ball with pearl …

Classic chaton zirconia of a lifetime

Other earrings that along with the ball is like jeans or a white shirt, which you can wear on any occasion, super comfortable and always thinking about safety. They are even valid for women, young man … because they look really pretty on the ear.

Girl’s earrings in cultured pearl

Another classic that will never go out of style, because of how comfortable and how good they are, whether they are round cultured pearl cap earrings in silver or gold or with four equal claws, in silver or gold.

Because when it comes to pearls for girls’ earrings, we do not skimp on quality assurance either, we always use cultured pearls for all our earrings.

Information types of cultured pearls for girls earrings:

  • Australian cultured: all these types of pearls are the most sought after and the best quality, especially the largest, since to get perfect cylindrical cultured pearls, only 20% of the pearls are perfect round, that’s why they are also the More expensive.
  • Tahiti cultured pearl: They are the same as the Australian pearls but of a gray color, very difficult to obtain and that they are perfectly round.
  • From cultivated fresh water: the smallest and most rounded possible, which are the ones we use to make this type of girl’s earrings.

Pearls have many types of colors, the most common is pearly white, but they exist in gray as we have already seen, gold, green, blue, black …

Sizes and shapes, the most commonly used are cylindrical, although getting two of the same for earrings is difficult, although it is achieved. There are also the flattened, button, baroque …

Earring designs for girls in white gold

White gold is now super fashionable for girls’ earrings, the truth is that they look very good and you can combine it with everything you want to wear.

It has always been used for earrings with brilliant diamonds but to make it cheaper, make it more economical and reach all girls, they wear zircons or leave it in plain that they are also beautiful. Also with all the shapes that can be made … stars, flowers, wings, feathers, crowns, hearts, rays, moons … with or without zircons …

We always say that for tastes … earrings … are like colors but in all shapes and with additions … zircons, pearls, enamels, diamonds and materials …

We will inform you about the new creations of earrings for girls with white gold.

Girl’s earrings in white gold and diamonds Mocosa

This is our star and exclusive addition. Earrings for girls with diamonds.

We talk a little about diamonds, made up of carbon atoms, which with pressure and temperature can form diamonds. Diamond is the common way of calling it but then there is the diamond shape:

  • Brilliant: which is the shape of the rounded cut, the shape that is most used and the most sold in the world of jewelry.
  • Princess: square cut.
  • Pear
  • Bagguette
  • Marquee: diamond cut in a rectangular shape.
  • Oval
  • Heart
  • Emerald: it is a rectangular style but the four corners are flattened, forming a type of octahedron.
  • And many more…

Although there are many types of cuts, what is important also in a diamond is the color and the impurities that it has. Colors in diamonds there are all kinds of brown, blue, green, black, pink … but in the white that is the most used there are color scales scaled by letters from D which is whiter (or transparent) to YZ which it is already champagne or yellowish color.

A curiosity is that diamond is the hardest material in terms of scratching, it is only scratched with another diamond and yet it can scratch everything you want. For this characteristic it is widely used in industries.

Mocosa white gold sparkling diamond girl’s earrings

Information about girl hoop earrings

Now very fashionable among our girls, who can put their earrings with the matching earrings, both in gold and silver.

We manufacture in all sizes from 10 mm small so that they are glued to the ear, 12 mm, 14 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm and 35 mm in silver or gold.

We also take out pendants for the hoop earrings. As you can buy not in one, you can make your combination with other earrings, whether glued with thread or long or with hoop, hoop alone or hoop with pendant … salamander hoop pendants, diamond, with zirconia, stars, moons …

We will tell you about the next news that we are taking out in hoop earrings.

Our After Sales Service ❤ Mocosa earrings

Manufacturing all the earrings in gold and silver is not our only purpose, we know that with the continued use of each of our baby or girl earrings, several problems can be caused:

We can solve any problem you have with the earrings:

Chopsticks break: we can solder it
Loss of one of the earrings or threads: we only sell one
Replace lost pearls or zircons
New enamels

Either way, all use has its maintenance consequences, what if we want is that you are especially attentive to the baby earrings since if they have a problem they will not tell us, they only cry, you know.

Control the thread very well, dirt and always with ❤ enthusiasm.

Conclusion jewelry, like everything in life, has maintenance and you have to take care of them.

Contact email info@mocosa.es or social networks


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Nosy with ❤ Mocosa earrings

In Curiosear, you can see articles about which we inform you a little about everything, tradition of girl’s earrings, inspired girl’s earrings, we sell both girl and baby earrings and not so girl one by one, why … If there is something that interests you but we have not commented on it, please send us an email or whatsup to:


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