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Earrings for Newborn

We will clearly differentiate each of our little ones by year and by sizes of the perfect earrings for newborn baby and girl.

Each one has its own taste, we will  advise the classification between measure, age and material of earrings for the newborn baby girl by years in millimeters and material gold, white gold or silver perfect for each age and continue creating illusion with total safety and quality.

First of all make it clear that all our earrings meet our principles of QUALITY AND SAFETY brat.

New born

If you just had a newborn, congratulations! It is one of the most beautiful sensations in life, this new stage will be full of doubts and new things to learn and better. How does it feel to be a mom? A little girl will be part of your new family. As a general rule, a newborn usually weighs between 3 and 3.5 kilos and girls usually measure between 50 cm on average more or less. The normal thing is that everything goes well and you do not have a problem with anything, we are also in a moment of life that we are full and surrounded by state-of-the-art technology to help you take care of the newborn and the mother.

The newborn is 0 years old

First of all, you have to make the decision to put earrings on the newborn, if so, perfect! We also love that girls wear earrings, regardless of the prejudices that people have. The earrings for both newborn baby or girl look great and are not harmful to health.

We are going to help you better manage the issue of earrings in the newborn, give you all kinds of advice to make you wear it much better.

One of the first things that we have to take into account if we want to put our newborn baby pending, if you have made the decision that yes,

When to put earrings on a newborn?

There are many times and ways to put the earrings on the newborn, usually they can be put in the hospital a few days after birth, it may be that the hospital will not put them on you shortly after and they tell you to put them on at the month or two months, once the ear has already been made and has its correct shape, also by placing the hole centered, we recommend this shape.

The earrings for newborns are best put on at approximately 2 months so that the ear is made and the hole gets the best and most centered as possible. They can be done in the hospital, in a pharmacy, in jewelers they also put them and midwives who are specialized in putting the first earrings on the newborn. But always with maximum security and quality that the newborn does not suffer any type of infection.

What you decide in these two options will be fine because they are the most recommended, or putting the earrings a few days after birth or 2-3 months is what all the experts advise so that it is the perfect moment in terms of safety of our newborn.

  • What risks can there be when putting earrings on our newborn?

There should be no problem in putting the earrings on our newborn if the necessary measures are taken, it is a small wound that if done in the right place, heals well and is disinfected there should be no problem. The theme of curing it after making the earrings in a suitable place is recommended to clean the wound with chlorhexidrine twice a day.

  • How should be the earrings that we have to put on our newborn?

We are very aware of the safety for our newborn, especially with the quality of the earrings that we are going to place on our newborn. For this reason in mocosa we recommend that in terms of quality they be made of 18 karat gold certified by the laboratory of contrasts of the Community of Madrid endorsed by the Royal Mint, we give a certified quality contrast to guarantee these characteristics, and on the other On the other hand, we recommend that they be small of 3 millimeters and with rounded shapes, without protrusions so that they do not have any problem of snagging, since at these ages they depend on us to put and take off their clothes, and especially a security thread so that they do not They nail him just like they are lined from behind.

We advise against

putting silver earrings on the newborn as it is not as noble a material as yellow gold can be, they also have a rhodium plating that can give them allergies, this also happens with white gold earrings, which have a bath rhodium that can give them allergies.

The earrings must be moved during the first 10-days, turning them so that the hole does not close or stick to the earring. That the earrings for newborns do not have pendants or anything that may have any risk of snagging.

We leave you a link where you can read more curiosities about newborn earrings .

We will talk about the best earrings for a newborn .

Or the best earrings in diamonds for a newborn .

The threads and nuts that the newborn earrings should use .

Once 15-20 days have passed, you can take them off to clean or change them, but always with the same characteristics that we talked about before.

The earrings must be cleaned from time to time, it is very important, that just as we remove their clothes to  wash them , we do the same with the earrings for Newborn cleaning and care.

This type of Newborn earrings can be worn at all times, for day to day, showers and sleeping. But with use they can store some dirt between the ear and the earring.

That is why we have to  clean and care  for the Newborn’s earrings. Two ways to do it, it all depends on the type of gold or silver earring :.

If the  Newborn  earrings  have pearls or colored enamel,  the cleaning and care must be:

  • In a  saucepan with old water  and a little  dishwasher  that is not very aggressive (neither bleaches nor alcohols)
  • We  rub them  with a toothbrush taking care of the pearls and enamel, better to clean the back that is in contact with the Newborn’s ear.
  • We clarify
  • And we  dry  with an absorbent paper and a dryer with cold air.

When the Newborn earrings  are smooth or with zircons , the cleaning and care of the Newborn earrings must be:

  • In a  saucepan with water and  a little  dishwasher
  • We put the gold earrings  on the fire / induction  until they boil.
  • Taking care not to burn ourselves,  we take them out and rub them  with a toothbrush
  • We clarify
  • We dry  with an absorbent paper and a dryer.

In addition, to give them the last shine, they can be rubbed with a  polishing cloth  and left new and polished to enjoy. If you see that things get complicated, do not have any problem telling us or going to one of our  points of sale  and we will do it for you.

Be careful with white gold or silver earrings as they are rhodium-plated and wear out with use, do not rub them too much with the polishing cloth.

There are liquids to clean, you can see more tricks in this link of ”  pending cleaning for Newborn” .

Other methods of cleaning and caring for Newborn earrings

Cleaning and care for Newborn earrings.

There are  other ways to clean and care for Newborn earrings. Instead of soap and rub you can:

If the  silver earrings are smooth or with zircons , the cleaning and care of the Newborn earrings can be done:

  • In a saucepan put two glasses of  hot water  with a tablespoon of  salt and dilute it , ensuring that the Newborn earrings are covered by the water.
  • We take a   DIN A4 size aluminum sheet, cut it into strips of the size of half a folio and add it to the mixture of water with room and the earrings
  • And we let her  react  to clean Newborn’s earrings
  • As soon as we see that it has acted, we remove it and with a cloth  we clean it,  removing the dirt challenge that has been hollowed out.
  • We clarify and we have a Newborn earrings perfect to wear again.
  • Then we can always give it the  polishing cloth  to give it the last look and leave it polished and perfect.

How well we talked,

putting the earrings on our newborn is not something that will feel bad or good, it is simply that you like to be worn, rather for a matter of taste, culture or tradition. Each one will have their point of view and it is a voluntary decision that each one has to make. We love that our little ones have earrings … but each one of us decides what she wants.

These are the tips we give for newborn earrings from days old to one year old. Once the girl is one year old for us, she will be a baby, although a baby will always be but it is necessary to differentiate in some way between a newborn baby and a girl to classify the help with the earrings.

The dream of our newborn

Is very important that our newborn rests well , since during the 24 hours of the day she can be sleeping between 16 to 20 hours.

It is normal for the first months to sleep with the parents, for greater control and ease when breastfeeding. It is not highly recommended that you sleep in the same bed, it is best to sleep in your crib.

In our case, and for the part that grants us , on the subject of newborn earrings, parents can rest easy since all our newborn earrings are studied so that you can sleep with them in complete peace of mind, all our earrings They are threaded and locknut so you can sleep in, crush them, and don’t get nailed. They are designed so that the length of the toothpick is adjusted and neither over nor too small so that it does not catch or squeeze it at any time. And they are lined behind so that it is not keyed. We always have to choose rounded earrings for our newborn.

We have a workshop or after-sales service so that the newborn earrings are perfect and do not have any problem with the length of the stick or any issue that may bother you. And more thinking about the quality and safety of our newborn earrings. With the best contrasted and certified materials.

Curiosities of some newborn babies

It may be that as soon as your newborn is born you have a feeling of sadness and melancholy, but do not worry that it is normal, since it happens to all of us, some a little more and others a little less. This cannot be confused with postpartum depression.

This is a change that women have to know how to bring about due to the change in hormones and fatigue that in the end ends up affecting us. We can help you with some type of assistance so that it does not lengthen and can cause greater damage. Just treat it like normal and get your spirits up fast.

  • It may be that the newborn baby has a slightly elongated head at birth, but there is no need to worry since the human body is smart and has soft bones to be able to deform a little and come out as easily as possible. Head is open until 18 months.
  • Newborn’s skin may have a fluff for the first few months.
  • The best we have, and increasingly, is the safety we have in our hospitals and the quality of service and tests that are done to our newborn.

Newborn baby girl gold earrings

In the classification of newborn baby or girl earrings for years you can find many types in gold, here we leave you a list so that you can see the more than 600 models that we manufacture. Always complying with quality and safety controls, with thread and nut.


Enamel color



Color stone

With Diamonds

Pearl, coral or turquoise

Exclusive brat


Hoop pendants


Piercing, helix and air cuff

Threads and pressures

Gold pendants

Gold bracelets

Silver earrings newborn baby girl

In the classification of newborn baby girl earrings for years you can find many types in silver, here we leave you a list so that you can see the more than 600 models that we manufacture. Always complying with quality and safety controls, with thread and nut. Although we advise against putting silver earrings for a newborn.

Animals, flowers and hearts


With zircons

Pearls, turquoise and coral




Silver threads and pressures

Silver sets

Perfect Quality Gold Newborn Baby Girl Earrings

That the gold is of perfect quality ensures that the earrings will not give allergies to girls or babies.

Gold on earth is 24 karat, but it is very soft for making gold earrings for girls or babies.

Therefore, it must be hardened by fusing it with other materials such as silver and copper.

You have to be careful because there are “low gold” fabrications, this means that it has less gold, we always use 18 karat for all our gold earring fabrications.

18 karat gold is what, by law, the highest quality gold.

  • 18k carats; with 75% gold  The best gold and the one we use to make our girl’s earrings
  • 14k carats: with 58.5% gold
  • 9k carats: with 37.5% gold

These are the most used, but in making earrings for girls or babies, do not play it.

They are cheaper and to save a few euros, it does not compensate with the quality.

We seek the highest quality for the manufacture of gold and silver earrings.

The same happens with the quality of silver, by law in Spain you have to use 925 thousandths, which is what we use to make our designs of earrings for girls or babies but there are several qualities:

Silver can be from:

  • 999 is pure silver
  • 950 is 95% pure silver
  • 925 silver  is 92.5% pure silver. It is the one we use to make our earrings, since it is the best silver to make the Earrings.

Pure silver is very soft, more than gold, for this it must also be fused to harden it.

To be perfect for the manufacture of silver earrings it has to be 925 thousandths and that is what we are required by law.

Before buying something cheap, ask about the quality and safety of the earrings, at Mocosa we give the maximum

Online sale of earrings in Mocosa Newborn baby girl

In Mocosa you can make your online purchases of the best white gold earrings or any earrings for girls that you want within our wide catalog of more than 600 models of girl earrings for girls without problem, as well as with complete confidence.

Every day we are more aware of online shopping and year after year they are growing in Spain. There are studies that analyze the confidence that Spaniards have when buying online that say that 75.35% of Spaniards bought more than last year and that 73% had no problem.

With Mocosa

you will not have any problem, we want to upload that average and have 100% people with confidence in our online purchases. Since if you buy something on our website and you don’t like it, you can return it without any problem or change it for others that you like more.

One of the comforts of shopping online is that, without leaving home, you can make a gift arrive wherever you want, you can send it to a loved one or have it delivered to your home. Unlimited hours and all flexibility.

And now that we make the online purchase one by one easier to make your combinations and match any earrings that you have loose.

Like the threads, you can buy them one at a time for girl’s earrings, they are generic so they are valid for all types of earrings.

Do you want to sell our newborn baby girl earrings?

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You have a company or are self-employed

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Post-sale service for newborn baby girl snotty earrings

At Mocosa we are not only dedicated to manufacturing and selling newborn baby girl earrings. We care a lot that you use the product a lot and spend it.

If at any time you have a problem with the snot earrings, do not have them, we have all the necessary machines to fix any breakage or problem.

  • You  lose  a gold or silver earring, in mocosa you can buy  one at a time .
  • Lost the  thread  or nut, in brat we  sell them to you .
  • With use, the gold loses its shine, we can  polish it and leave it new
  • If   the toothpick of a gold earring breaks due to bending it too much or the handle bends, we have a repair service with laser machines and welders where we can fix it.
  • White gold can be worn down by use, but no problem, it is re-  rhodium-plated  and perfect.
  • Loss of a pearl  or a zirconia can be set and glued again.
  • To  clean , we clean them and leave them new, or any of our authorized points of sale


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