Novelties in earrings for newborns, babies, girls or women

In this category we are going to see everything new and all the novelties related to earrings for newborns, babies, girls or women.

We not only sell small feminine earrings but we are dedicated to seeing and studying the concerns that surround this world to improve in all aspects.

One of them is to sell the earrings individually, since from a very young age they can lose an earring and you have to replace it, do not buy the pair if only one earring has been lost, just as the adolescent girl or woman wants to wear individual earrings one by one and they don’t want the partner. The novelty of this is to adapt to the moment

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Constantly thinking about the QUALITY and SAFETY of each of the earrings for us and the little ones in the house. Complying with our quality and safety standards. Look for our Quality seal on the stick of each earring for a perfectly achieved and studied manufacturing from more than 30 years of work.

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