Gold Infinity Nose Piercing

A single earring: IVA incl.


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Gold Infinity Nose Piercing

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Design of the Gold Infinity Nose Piercing

The Gold Infinity Nose Piercing… why did they become fashionable? What do they mean?

Of the best known meanings , it is the Hindu religion, which says that wearing a nose piercing is a symbol of faith to the goddess of marriage.

The tribes African put it as a sign of power and wealth of families.

Right now the helix piercing of, in the ear … is used by boys and girls to adorn the face, design , beauty , culture , fashion …

This is why this infinity design is very fashionable at the moment.

Safety of the Gold Infinity Nose Piercing

The safety of the Infinity Gold Nose Piercing is very important and constantly cared for .

The helix piercing meets the quality and safety standards with the mocosa contrast :

  • Helix piercing are 18k gold with Quality Certificate by El  Laboratorio Contrast the Community of Madrid. For each gold piercing we give a Quality Control Contrast
  • Always lined behind so they do not disturb.
  • Sticks solid , essential in all our piercing helix.

Comfort of the Gold Infinity Nose Piercing

All designed to be perfect with a rounded shape and perfectly adapts to the contour of the nose or ear.

It comes with a silicone pressure in case you want to put it from behind for greater security and that it does not come off


When you get a helix piercing, you have to go to a specialized site, so that it complies with all the sterilization processes and materials.

Once done, comply with the constant and daily healing processes .

  • Wash it daily with mild soap two to four times a day.
  • DO NOT touch the helix piercing so that it can heal well
  • Creams and colognes the less the better and the less close to the helix piercing
  • To do this type of piercing 100% recommended gold and titanium

Wait two to four months for it to heal well and to be able to put another type of helix piercing of ours. You can open it and you can directly wear one of ours but it is recommended that it be in yellow gold and that it is sterilized before doing it.

Gold Infinity Style Nose Piercing

Like these gold piercings, we make a similar model, whether you want it to share with your sister, with your mother or make your collection:

Helix Gold Piercing Care

Keep in mind that piercing must be cared for.

Nothing is infinite and the more we take care of the better.

When you have the helix piercing in your nose or ear for a long time, they accumulate sweat, dirt, fat … you have to wash them , at least once a month, for this type of Infinity Gold Nose Piercing we can:

  • in a saucepan with water and dishwasher, we put it on the fire until it boils, so that they warm
  • as soon as it boils, we take out the gold earrings
  • we rub them with a stick
  • We clarify
  • And dry with a paper and a hair dryer

If we want to give it a complete and perfect last polish, use a polishing cloth to give it the last shine.

And we have a new and clean White Gold Shiny Nose Piercing to continue enjoying in the nose or ear.

After sales service for Mocosa gold piercings

We not only dedicate ourselves to selling and we forget about everything else, once you buy your Shiny white gold Piercing, wear them, spend them and enjoy them:

  • You lose a gold helix piercing, in mocosa you can buy one at a time .
  • Lost the thread, in mocosa we sell them to you .
  • The use of helix piercing in the ear causes the enamel to wear out, but it can be re-enameled (just like a shirt gets stained, it must be taken to the dry cleaner)
  • If a stone detaches or falls due to a blow, it can be glued or set again.
  • If the stick of a gold helix piercing breaks due to bending it too much or the handle is bent, we have a repair service with laser machines and welders where we can fix it.

You have to be careful, and realize it soon, since due to use they can be worn and damaged and can make a mark.

We are more than 400 points of sale in Spain to see the Infinite Gold Nose Piercing live.

If at any time you want to go to one of our authorized points of sale, so you can see the Infinity Gold Nose Piercing live and try them on your ear, see how they look …

They will have a lot of variety of piercings.

Here we leave you the link of the Stores so you can see the closest one.


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Gold Infinity Nose Piercing 18 carats


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