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In See Mocosa Catalog you can find the 30 pages that complete the entire Mocosa product. With 18 carat gold earrings and 925 silver earrings, accessories, loose threads and nuts …

A very complete catalog so that you can see all our models of earrings for baby or newborn girls. More than 700 different models in 18k gold and sterling silver with a quality certificate from the Royal Mint and stamp of Madrid, verified by the Precious Metals Laboratory of the Community of Madrid. Certifying the highest quality of our earrings.

We take care of making the earrings for baby and newborn girls as safe as they can be made, since the material is the best possible hypoallergenic, when we make this type of earrings we think about all details, from how to put it on so that it is easy to when it is in place, do not prick the baby or newborn girl’s ear by lining the earrings from behind, solid toothpick to give strength to the earrings, thread and lock nut.

All our earrings are contrasted with our brand on the toothpick to give proof of our quality, that no one can sell “our earrings” and the quality required for our little ones.

The best of all is that in the end we make the same earrings for us too, so that we can wear small earrings adapted to all tastes.


Thinking that all our earrings for girls and more for baby ❤ ilusion, do not give any problem:

  • Hypoallergenic materials for MAXIMUM safety in allergies.
  • Make the earrings in a rounded shape
  • Cover behind, that is not hollow, either with a full plate or sideburns
  • Stability and consistency with a solid toothpick.
  • Safety threads: tested with our quality control (you can watch the video here)
  • Make the edges as round as possible, in flowers, balls, shapes …

As for the safety guide proposed by the government of Spain, for healthy lifestyles, in this case how to safely use small pieces for a baby, for us baby earrings.

In summary, for babies or girls under 3 years it is better to separate the earrings and keep them stored at all times.

Inspect at all times, especially when changing the baby’s clothes, that the earrings are well in the ears and ensure pressure of the thread or nut. That it is not bent, nor too tight so that it can be hooked.

Regularly monitor cleanliness, fit and shape.

Points of sale

We have more than 450 points of sale throughout Spain. Where you can see the earrings live and try it without problem. In this link you will find all our points of sale to see gold or silver earrings for girls, babies, newborns or young people / women.


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