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Spinny tool

Un spinny: IVA incl.

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Tool in plastic to remove and put the threads to the earrings of girl or baby easier


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Spinny tool

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Spinny is a tool to remove or put gold and silver threads more easily in all our Mocosa earrings, whether they are put on a girl or baby or if they have to be put on a stud.

It is made of plastic and silicone, with a perfect size to be able to carry it in your pocket.


At Mocosa, we recommend changing the girl’s earrings when she changes her dress and matching them with her earrings and taking the opportunity to wash them from time to time.

Since sometimes it is difficult to reach in to remove the earrings, especially if they are babies, Spinny tool is perfect to facilitate the action in all our earrings:

Gold earrings

Silver earrings

We are always excited and concerned about the design, safety, quality and ease of all our girl and baby earrings, especially for them who are not yet self-sufficient and depend on us.

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Spinny tool for earrings