Blonde Mocosa Pendant

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Blonde Mocosa Pendant

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Design of the Blonde Mocosa Pendant

Mocosa Rubia Pendant Design , inspired by our girls.

Curiosities of the girls:

  • Both in gold and silver
  • they measure 10 millimeters in diameter
  • Set with earrings and bracelets

The second aspect when designing is how do the pendants look?

Very important, since depending on how you design the gold or silver pendants, that is how they will remain on the chain and then on the neck.

The handle is the most important thing to place as it is as centered and large as possible so that the pendants are centered on the chain and on the neck.

Blonde Mocosa Pendant Safety

The safety of the silver pendant is very important and constantly cared for, especially when the pendants are going to be used by the girl on the neck.

Mocosa Rubia Pendant  meets the quality and safety standards with the Mocosa contrast :

  • The Mocosa Rubia Pendants are made of gold or 925 sterling silver with a Quality Certificate by  the Contrast Laboratory of the Community of Madrid. For each gold or silver pendant we give a Quality Control Contrast
  • Always lined at the back so that they do not disturb or scratch the silver girl’s pendants on the neck.
  • Solid handles , essential in all our gold or silver pendants and more for a girl.
  • year of rhodium , so that they have more hardness, shine and do not get dirty so soon.

Especially thinking for girls, since they depend a lot on us and we have to make perfect gold or silver pendants that no problem occurs.

Mocosa blonde pendant perfect for girl and not so girl (young)

The Mocosa Rubia Pendants are perfect for girls and not so girls.

Constantly thinking about the comfort of how some gold or silver pendants can be perfect on the neck of each of them.

We are going to analyze and advise how the gold or silver pendants are on the neck of each one:

Pendants for girls silver:

  • Some Blonde Mocosa Pendants  look great with a 40 cm chain
  • Since they have a lot of design and meaning for older girls, they do not give an allergy

Pendants for youth:

  • Now it is fashionable to wear several pendants on the chains continuously and these gold or silver pendants are small and perfect to do the job.
  • The gold or silver pendants for women are perfect on a 45 cm chain.

Then everyone’s tastes can see and try different methods, but with our experience we advise that these Blonde Mocosa Pendant  are designed for this type of girl or woman.

Earrings to match

Like these gold or silver pendants, we make a similar earring model, whether you want it to share with yourself, with your sister, with your mother or make your collection of earrings for when you grow up, give away …:


Of gold

Packaging for the Blonde Mocosa Pendant

The Mocosa Rubia Pendant come  with a packaging consisting of:

  • Cardboard bag
  • Cardboard candy box
  • A runny lollipop (suitable for celiacs)
  • A gift that can be a scrunchie, ribbon …
  • And the gold or silver earrings wrapped in silk and tied with …
  • a lucky bracelet (that the girl has to give to another girl by tying it with three knots while making wishes)

Girls love the details and all of our silver earrings and pendants come well wrapped, it is a box of surprises , not to get gifts.

You can see how we assemble the packaging of the Rubia Mocosa Pendant  in this video, click this link.

Packaging para pendientes de plata mocosa regalo
Packaging for silver earrings Mocosa gift


Caring for gold or silver pendants

Keep in mind that pendants for both girls and women must be cared for.

Nothing is infinite and the more we take care of the gold or silver pendants the better.

It is better not to have a girl with dirty pendants.

When you have the pendants on your neck for a long time, they accumulate sweat, dirt, grease … you have to wash them , at least once a month, for this type of Blonde Mocosa Pendant  we can:

  • in a saucepan with water and a few drops of dishwasher, we put it on the fire
  • As soon as it boils, we put it aside and take them out without burning
  • we rub them with a toothbrush
  • We rinse with water
  • And we dry with a paper and a hair dryer

If we want to give it a complete and perfect last polish, use a polishing cloth to give it the last shine. You have to be careful with silver or white gold and rhodium plating, not giving it too much, so that it does not remove the bath.

And we have some  new and clean Blonde Mocosa Pendant to continue enjoying in the ear.


In Mocosa we have a PENDING jeweler

So that they can keep the Earrings from when they are a baby, whether they are made of gold or silver with their threads, until when they are older and they can put all the earrings until their first earrings.

Take it on a trip

Organize and see if half a pair or a loose thread is missing and be able to twin them

And then our Mocosa dolls , together with their gold or silver earrings, an original and different gift .

To put on and remove the threads with ease, especially in baby earrings, which sometimes have to put our hand in a lot, we have a tool to facilitate the Spinny action

After sales service for Mocosa silver and gold pendants

We not only dedicate ourselves to selling and forget about everything else, once you buy your Blonde Mocosa Pendant , use them, spend them and enjoy them:

  • You lose a gold or silver earring, in mocosa you can buy one at a time .
  • Lost the thread , in Mocosa we sell them to you .
  • Wearing earrings in the ear causes the enamel to wear away, but it can be re- enameled (just like a shirt gets stained, it must be taken to the dry cleaner)
  • If a stone detaches or falls due to a blow, it can be glued or set again.
  • If the handle of a silver pendant breaks due to bending it too much or the handle is bent, we have a repair service with laser machines and welders where we can fix it.
  • The silver has a rhodium treatment , to give it more hardness against scratches, greater shine and that it does not get dirty so quickly if it wears out, you just have to give it a new bath and they are perfect

You have to be careful, and realize soon, that any of these things happen to a baby with earrings or a girl, since by use they can wear out and damage the earrings in the ear and can make a mark.

We are more than 400 points of sale in Spain to see the Mocosa Rubia Pendant live.

If at any time you want to go to one of our authorized points of sale, so that you can see the Rubia Mocosa Pendant  or gold or silver earrings live and try them on, see how they look … For girls, women or mothers.

They will have a wide variety of pendants and earrings for girls in gold or silver, and silver earrings for women.

Here we leave you the link of the Stores so you can see the closest one.


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