Mocosa white gold sparkling diamond girl's earrings

Newborn Diamond Earrings

Newborn Diamond Earrings

We are going to present you the models of earrings with brilliant diamonds for newborn in white gold, with their tastes, with the best quality, design and price. Recommended for after the opening earrings.

First and foremost, we have to remember that all our white gold newborn earrings comply with the  principles of quality and safety  so that they are the Top 6 of white gold earrings in brilliant diamonds for newborns in Mocosa:

  • They are  lined at the back  so that the newborn will not be marked or damaged by the earrings.
  • White gold and 18k yellow gold  by the Madrid Metal Laboratory, certified by the Royal Mint.
  • Solid toothpick  to give the earrings strength and consistency  .
  • Thread and nut  security
  • Gold welds
  • Brilliant diamonds of the  best quality.

Shining Star earrings for newborn

Our studies show that star earrings are our little girl’s favorite in white gold and sparkling diamonds. Some sparkling diamond earrings are a super special gift for a Newborn. Complying with all our quality and safety principles. Hypoallergenic, medicinal, 18k gold, with thread and lock nut.

Top 5 girl diamond earrings
Earrings Star earrings sparkling diamonds newborn girl white gold

Shining butterfly earrings for Newborn

Shiny butterfly earrings for Newborn in yellow gold

The mocosa exclusive yellow gold butterfly-shaped shiny diamond earrings or earrings for our little Newborns. Some sparkling diamond earrings are a super special gift for a Newborn. Complying with all our quality and safety principles. Hypoallergenic, medicinal, 18k gold, with thread and lock nut.

Newborn diamond earrings
Earrings or shiny diamond earrings for newborn in butterflies

Shining butterfly earrings for Newborn

Sparkling butterfly earrings for Newborn in White gold

The Mocosa exclusive white gold butterfly-shaped sparkling diamond earrings for our little newborns. Some sparkling diamond earrings are a super special gift for a Newborn. Complying with all our quality and safety principles. Hypoallergenic, medicinal, 18k gold, with thread and lock nut.

Top 5 girl diamond earrings
Brilliant diamond butterfly earrings for newborn white gold

Earrings or shiny flower earrings for newborn

The flower-shaped brilliant diamond earrings in white gold preferred among our little ones. Some sparkling diamond earrings are a super special gift for a Newborn. Complying with all our quality and safety principles. Hypoallergenic, medicinal, 18k gold, with thread and lock nut.

Top 5 girl diamond earrings
Earrings or flower earrings shiny diamonds Newborn white gold

Shiny Heart Earrings for Newborn

Sparkling diamond heart earrings in white gold are a way to more literally express your love for your Newborn. Some sparkling diamond earrings are a super special gift for a Newborn. Complying with all our quality and safety principles. Hypoallergenic, medicinal, 18k gold, with thread and lock nut.

Earrings or heart earrings shiny diamonds Newborn white gold

Round shiny diamonds earrings for newborn

Round shiny diamond Newborn earrings are the most comfortable earrings you can make. Some sparkling diamond earrings are a super special gift for a Newborn. Complying with all our quality and safety principles. Hypoallergenic, medicinal, 18k gold, with thread and lock nut.

Earrings or round earrings shiny diamonds Newborn white gold

The best Newborn earrings in white gold and shiny mocosa

This is our star and exclusive addition. The best Newborn earrings with   brilliant diamonds .

We tell you a little about the best diamonds that we use for newborn earrings, made up of carbon atoms, which with pressure and temperature form diamonds. Diamond is the common way of calling it but then there are

Different shape of the diamond:

  • Brilliant : which is the shape of the rounded cut, the most used and the best-selling shape in the world of jewelry.
  • Princess: square cut.
  • Pear
  • Bagguette
  • Marquee: diamond cut in a rectangular shape.
  • Oval
  • Heart
  • Emerald: it is a rectangular style but the four corners are flattened, forming a type of octahedron.
  • And many more…

Although there are many types of cuts, what is important also in a diamond is the color and the impurities that it has. Colors  in diamonds there are all kinds of brown, blue, green, black, pink … but in the white that is the most used there are color scales scaled by letters from D which is whiter (or transparent) to YZ which it is already champagne or yellowish color.

A curiosity is that diamond is the hardest material in terms of scratching, it is only scratched with another diamond and yet it can scratch everything you want. For this characteristic it is widely used in industries.

We use the best brilliant diamonds to make the newborn earrings.

Packaging for the earrings with shiny newborn Mocosa

We show you how we wrap the earrings with shiny diamonds for a newborn, not only are they exclusive and original earrings, but we also want to create illusion and surprise among the little ones.

  • packaging and exhibition all in cardboard, always taking care of the environment
  • Creating illusion and surprise
  • How  we do it:
    • She has a  colorful  paper bag with hearts and inside …
    • A  candy box  that we call our surprise box …
    • With a   heart-shaped lollipop , strawberry flavor and suitable for celiac @ s
    •  A  gift  that changes, it can be a scrunchie, headband, clip … of different colors
    • The gold diamond  earrings  for  newborns … A MEMORIAL FOR A LIFETIME in a Mocosa heel, wrapped with tissue paper and tied with …
    • A bracelet  that bears a positive phrase, to give to a friend
      • Packaging for yellow gold or white gold earrings
      • Bag and box for white gold and diamond earrings for newborn
      • You can see the video of how we assemble it in  this link .
Packaging for the shiny diamond earrings for newborn girl in gold

We use the best gold to make diamond earrings for a newborn

Using the best materials  is one of our principles and with our newborn daughters we are not going to play it.

We only use HYPOALLERGENIC materials, always 18k gold of the best certified quality.

Gold in nature is found in 24k carats, which is very white for manufacturing, we have to put it together with other materials so that they have the necessary hardness and be able to endure.

We use 18k gold in our manufacture, why?

We explain the qualities of gold:

  • 24k karat is 100% pure gold is very white to make earrings.
  • 18k carats is a combination of 75% gold + 12.5% ​​pure silver + 12.5% ​​copper (called 750 gold) is the gold recommended by the Madrid Precious Metals Quality Control endorsed by the Royal Mint

You have to order your certifying 18k – 750 gold of the highest quality for manufacturing.

MOCOSA gives a Quality certificate for each pair of earrings  .

They call it “Low Gold”:

  • 14k karat with 58.5% pure gold (585 gold)
  • 9k carats with 37.5% pure gold (375 gold)

In conclusion, and by law in Spain, the best gold for the manufacture of earrings for newborn, baby and girl is 18k karat gold.

We sell the best diamond earrings for newborn one by one

Why does Mocosa sell one sparkling diamond newborn earrings “one at a time”?

Various reasons:

  • The newborn may lose one of the brilliant diamond earrings and thus be able to buy “one at a time.”
  • If you want your newborn to wear one in one way and another in another (example:  a moon  and  a star  ) better “one at a time”
  • For young girls, now that it is so fashionable, they can go “one at a time” doing the diminution or creeper mode.
  • Like  threads , if you lose one, you can buy them “one at a time” or half a pair.

We believe that it is better to sell earrings “one at a time” or half a pair so that you can pair or pair, buy one at a time, whether for newborn, babies, girls or not so girls.

To meet the demand of twinning or matching loss earrings,

we believe it is the best option and differentiate ourselves in creating the best sparkling diamond earrings for newborns.

Always with the quality and safety controls that we have in the company, both in  materials , as in manufacturing, design and  packaging .

Many are the moms who ask us if we sell the earrings separated or half a pair, since all the classic companies that are dedicated to selling this type of earrings for newborn in brilliant diamonds have always sold them wide and have never given the possibility to buy them separately.

We constantly like to listen to the opinions of each one of you, usually you make us see things, ways of buying, designs, different or from another point of view and learn.

If it occurs to you or you have a question about newborn earrings in brilliant diamonds, a problem with some manufacture, even if it is not ours, or a design that you have in mind that you cannot find and want to make, you can write to us at

Information Cleaning the newborn earrings in brilliants 

It is very important that, just as we take off their clothes to  wash them , we do the same with the diamond earrings for newborns.

This type of shiny diamond earrings for newborn babies can be worn at all times, whether it is for the whole day, showers and sleeping. But with use they can store some dirt between the ear and the earring.

So we have to clean it. Two ways to do it, it all depends on the type of slope:

If the white or yellow gold earrings for newborns  have pearls or  colored enamel , the best is:

  • With a little water over time, a toothbrush and a little degreasing soap, rub the pearl or enamel a lot, rinse and dry with an absorbent paper and dryer (not very close to the earrings for newborns or with cold air)

However,  the earrings are smooth  or with zirconia, shiny,

  • You can do this same process to even boil them a little in a saucepan and a little degreasing soap and dry them with the dryer and hot air.
  • In addition, to give them the last shine, they can be rubbed with a  polishing cloth  and left new and polished to enjoy. If you see that things get complicated, do not have any problem telling us or going to one of our  points of sale  and we will do it for you.
  • You have to be careful with white gold and diamond earrings for newborns, since white gold is rhodium-plated to make them stronger against scratches and have more shine, this bath can go with use.

There are liquids to clean, you can see more tricks in this link of  “cleaning pending for newborn”

Post-sale service of Mocosa earrings with diamonds for newborn

At Mocosa we are not only dedicated to manufacturing and selling only newborn earrings with brilliant diamonds. We care a lot that you use the product a lot and spend it. 

If at any time you have a problem with the Mocosa earrings, do not have them, we have all the necessary machines to fix any breakage or problem.

  • You are  missing  a white gold earrings with brilliant diamonds for a newborn, in mocosa you can buy  one at a time .
  • Loss the  thread , in Mocosa we  sell them to you .
  • Yellow or white gold loses its shine with use, we can  polish it  and leave it new
  • If   the toothpick of a gold earring breaks due to bending it too much or the handle bends, we have a repair service with laser machines and welders where we can fix it.
  • White gold can be worn down by use, but no problem, it becomes  rhodium-plated  and perfect.
  • Loss of a pearl  or a zirconia can be set and glued again.
  • To  clean , we clean them and leave them new, or any of our authorized points of sale

Online sale of Newborn earrings in Mocosa

In Mocosa you can make your online purchases of the best earrings with shiny diamonds in gold or any earrings for Newborn that you want within our wide catalog of more than 600 models of Newborn earrings without problem, as well as with complete confidence.

Every day we are more aware of online shopping and year after year they are growing in Spain. There are studies that analyze the confidence that Spaniards have when buying online that say that 75.35% of Spaniards bought more than last year and that 73% had no problem.

With Mocosa you will not have any problem, we want to raise that average and have 100% people with confidence in our online purchases. Since if you buy something on our website and you don’t like it, you can return it without any problem or change it for others that you like more.

One of the comforts of online shopping is that, without leaving home, you can make a gift arrive wherever you want, you can send it to a loved one or have it delivered to your home. Unlimited hours and all flexibility.

And now that we take out the online purchase one by one, it is easier to make your combinations and match any earrings that you have loose.

Like the threads, you can buy them one at a time for Newborn earrings, they are generic so they are valid for all types of earrings.

Do you want to sell our Newborn earrings?

If you are of legal age

You have a company or are self-employed

And you want to sell the entire collection of Mocosa earrings, both in gold, white gold and silver

Without having to buy and being able to  EARN MONEY WITHOUT INVESTING

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