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Information Girl´s earrings

Information Girl’s earrings

All Information Girl’s earrings mocosa are comfortable, safe and manufactured with quality and above all very fond SAFETY especially for our girls.

All earrings are manufactured by us, MADE IN SPAIN.

A girl is considered  our daughters, granddaughters, nieces and when she begins to walk alone, from the year, year and peak. Stop being a baby to start being a girl and wear earrings of an indicated size.

Mocosa earrings are so comfortable that girls can sleep with the earrings on.

Apart All our earrings, both in gold and silver, comply with several fundamental PRINCIPLES for the care of our smallest.

Information MOCOSA PRINCIPLES for Girl’s Earrings

-All our earrings are  lined  on the back so that it does not nail or scratch.

-The girl has slopes for all  screw  or nut  security .

-The  material  with which we manufacture all the Mocosa earrings, are made of  hypoallergenic gold and sterling silver  with their contrast with a quality certificate.

And one  design  original, beautiful and different.

-Pearls, zircons, enamels and different materials of the best quality .

-Not only think about the sale, the post sale is very important, to fix any type of problem and to be able to do it and it is fundamental in MOCOSA we sell one by one thinking about tomorrow if an earring is lost that you can replace it.

Girl's Earrings Solid Stick Lined, Thread, Safety, Snot, Illusion, Baby Girl Earrings
Girl’s Earrings Solid Stick Lined, Thread, Safety, Mocosa , Illusion, Baby Girl Earrings Information Girl’s earrings

We are very aware of how we make the earrings so that each girl is very safe with them.

Not only the smallest of the house use these girl earrings, moms can use this type of earrings without any problem and use them together with their daughter, niece, granddaughter …

Now it is very fashionable for women or young people to put these types of girl earrings one after the other in various ear holes as a creeper or diminution.

There are many models of earrings for girls and make these combinations, from:

We recommend having several earrings at home, in your earring jewelry box and being able to choose at all times, with each outfit, earrings that fit perfectly.

Information Mocosa girl´s earrings

Hypoallergenic, essential in Mocosa

At mocosa we are very aware of the quality of our manufacture of girl’s earrings, especially for our girls, we do not want them to have any type of problem or allergies.

That is why  we use 100%  certified noble metals of the highest quality such as Sterling  Gold  and  Sterling Silver  .

Sterling silver : it is composed of 90% pure silver and 10% pure copper, materials prone to being hypoallergenic, reducing or not producing allergies.

Gold : It is the purest noble material, it is found in 24 carats, in Spain by law it is 18 carats (75% pure gold, 12.5% ​​silver and 12.5% ​​copper). Hypoallergenic noble metal that does not give allergy to girl’s earrings.

If you want to read more about hypoallergenic materials you can continue on this link on earring care

Information of what size the girl’s earrings must have 

Like all tastes are various and more when it comes to fashion or in this case Mocosa girl earrings, if it is true that many times they can be too small or too big. And at these ages they can use gold or silver without any problem.

For us, the perfect measurements for Mocosa girl earrings are:

Girl earrings for 2-3-4 years

Our girls with 2-3-4 years are already beginning to be babies to be girls, we recommend earrings from 4 millimeters to 5 millimeters.

At this age they can already wear gold or silver earrings. And always complying with the principles of QUALITY AND SAFETY Mocosa.

We continue to insist that from time to time you change the girls’ earrings to clean them and match their dresses

Information Girl earrings for 5-6 years

From 5 to 6 years old girls have concerns and want to wear their outfits. We love that they can put on their own shirt, dress … with their Mocosa earrings.

We recommend wearing gold or silver earrings in 5 or 6 millimeters and complying with the principles of Mocosa quality.

Girls 7-8 years

Girls 7-8 years old, at this age little princesses, with their own initiatives.

For this age the best measurement is 6-7 millimeters, but here they are already beginning to have a height that they can use any type of earrings depending on taste and in materials both gold and silver.

The mocosa Earrings for 9 years and up

Here there is no longer any distinction, girls over 9 years old are already like little women and even those girlish earrings that a woman puts on can be put on by a girl and vice versa. And then for tastes, if you like them smaller or larger but the ideal is 7-8 millimeters earrings onwards.

You can use both gold and silver but always with our quality principles.

Information about types of  Mocosa earrings for girl´s

Within all the Mocosa quality principles for girl’s earrings, there are many different designs for our little ones.

Gold Earrings

We are very focused on the  comfort and safety  of our girls, that is why we always use the best HYPOALLERGENIC manufacturing  materials  for our gold earrings  for girls .

In Spain by law  the best gold to manufacture  is 18k gold, normally 24k gold is extracted on earth, but it is too soft to manufacture, that is why it is combined with silver and copper to make it more resistant.

Gold  considered a hypoallergenic noble metal  .

There are manufacturers of gold earrings in the market below 18k, you have  to  be very careful with low gold , if you see that the earrings for girls are very cheap, ask if it is 18k gold.

In Mocosa we give a  quality contrast  for each pair of earrings for girls, which certifies the highest quality in the manufacture of this type of earrings. Endorsed and verified  by the Precious Metals Contrast Laboratory of  the Community of Madrid and signed by the Royal Mint .

For the design of the earrings, we focus on …

Six fundamental aspects for Earrings:

  • Rounded :

That they do not have edges that can be nailed, scratched or disturbed.

  • Lined on the back :

In line with the roundness, so that it does not disturb the girl from behind the ear. With a gold sleeve that covers the entire earring or sideburns that elevate it.

  • Solid gold chopsticks :

Since the earrings have to have a good consistency and well, they are for girls, do not take it off if you do not want to sleep. They will not use much and that is what we want, that they hold well and solid.

  • Security threads

For girl’s earrings in gold and silver. Something fundamental, since we do not want them to be nailed from behind and that they fit perfectly to the solid stick , with double thread pitch

  • 18k gold solders ,

Also be careful that some manufacturers weld gold earrings with non-noble or hypoallergenic metals, such as nickel or other elements. We always use 18k.

  • Presentation and packaging,

All girl’s earrings have to be perfectly presented to cause an emotion, illusion, we wrap it like a box of surprises. You can see the video of how we wrap it here .

Information on gold models for Information Girl´s earrings

smooth earrings in gold is a classic like a pair of jeans or white shirt, a wardrobe that can always be used on any occasion, with many interesting shapes and for all tastes, animals, flowers, stars, moons, lightning, angel wing, crowns, objects….  

Enamel color : Earrings painted with heat enamel, more daring perfect earrings for girls and moms. Animals, fruits, candies, stars …

Zircons : In all kinds of designs with hearts, flowers, four claws, or six claws, stars … in yellow or white gold, especially in white and especially in a round shape.

Multi-stone : making a set of zircons with more than 2 in each gold earring. With all the designs you can imagine of flowers, stars, squares, butterflies, bears … both in yellow gold and white

Color stone : They are round shaped zircons in colors blue, pink, purple, light blue … in a round or square shape.

With Diamonds : our most exclusive collection for girls, with brilliant cut, round and different shapes: butterfly, round, heart, star, flower, in yellow and white gold.

Cultured pearl, so that it does not peel and last with all the quality, we always use cultured pearls for our girl’s earrings, in spherical round, flattened, button …

Coral or turquoise

Exclusive Mocosa our most exclusive models of Mocosa brand, girls, hearts, and fashion designs of the moment, right now unicorn earrings, and more models that we continue to create

Hoops now so fashionable are hoop earrings for girls, but they can also be used by a young woman or woman, both in silver and gold and different sizes to make combinations.

Hoop pendants , for hoop earrings, are sold individually so you can make the perfect combination to your liking

Long Now so fashionable to create your combinations together with plain earrings, hoops, hoop pendants and piercing

Piercing, helix and air cuff : especially for young people who have several earrings in the ear, nose

Threads and pressures : replacement for losses or breaks.

set hoop earrings cube zironita snotty model ear gold
set hoop earrings cube zironita Mocosa model ear gold Information Girl´s earrings

Silver earrings

We remain very focused on the  comfort and safety  of our girls, that is why we always use the best HYPOALLERGENIC manufacturing  materials  for our silver earrings  for girls .

In Spain by law the  best silver to manufacture  is 925 silver, normally 999 pure silver is extracted on earth, but it is too soft to manufacture, that is why it joins with other noble metals and leaves it as hard, resistant and reliable for manufacture.

Silver is  considered a hypoallergenic noble metal  .

There are manufacturers of silver earrings in the market below 925, you have  to  be very careful with this type of silver , if you see that the silver has a rare color ask if it is 925 silver.

In Mocosa we give a  quality contrast  for each pair of silver earrings for girls, which certifies the highest quality in the manufacture of this type of earrings. Endorsed and verified  by the Precious Metals Contrast Laboratory of  the Community of Madrid and signed by the Royal Mint .

zero allergies, hypoallergenic, medicinal earrings gold silver baby girl
zero allergies, hypoallergenic, medicinal earrings gold silver baby girl
For the design of the Mocosa earrings, we focus on 6 fundamental aspects.
  • Rounded

That they do not have edges that can be nailed, scratched or disturbed.

  • Lined on the back :

In keeping with the “rounded”, it does not disturb behind the girl’s earrings in the ear. With a silver sleeve that covers the entire earring or sideburns.

  • Solid silver chopsticks :

Since the girl’s earrings have to have a good consistency and well, they are for little ones, who do not take it off if they do not want to sleep. They are going to give them a lot of use and that is what we want, that they hold up well and solid.

  • Security threads

For girl’s silver earrings. Something fundamental, since we do not want them to be nailed from behind and that they fit perfectly to the solid stick , with a double thread.

  • 925 silver solders ,

Also be careful that some manufacturers weld silver earrings for girls with non-noble or hypoallergenic metals, such as nickel or other elements. We always use 925 silver.

All models are based on combinations of designs, natural stones, such as pearls, turquoise or coral, synthetic stones such as zircons, plain designs or enamels.

Always combined with their sizes, sizes, shapes, colors, enamels …

But looking for excellence the  MAXIMUM QUALITY and SAFETY  in our earrings for girls.

  • Without losing sight of the packaging that we give with each Mocosa earring

Information Types of silver earrings for girl´s:

Animals, flowers and hearts the funniest earrings for girls, with varied shapes of butterflies, bears, snails, bees, unicorns, elephants, giraffes, flowers with four and five petals, ladybugs, owls, hearts …

Desserts : there are cup cakes, cherries, strawberries, pineapples, apple trees, pears, ice cream … which fruit or dessert do you like the most?

With zircons : hearts, flowers, stars, round, with claws, flowers, even with colored zircons and different measures for the different age of each girl

Pearls, turquoise and coral : cylindrical cultured pearl ball, a perfect wardrobe background to put yourself in any situation or give to a friend for her birthday that you will not fail.

Plain : the cheapest collection with design, more than 20 earrings with thread and with models as different as the chihuahua, seahorse, cactus, umbrellas, feathers, rays, unicorns … and they can be bought one by one so that make your favorite combination.

Hoops : collection of hoop earrings for girls, super pretty and then we are making the collection of hoop pendants, which are all the models that we have of earrings with a handle to be able to hang it on the hoops. Rings of all sizes and thicknesses. And if we don’t have the one you like, contact us, we do.

Long : new collection for 2020, we can make all the models we have in threaded earrings but with chain and long, for now we have cultured pearl and smooth crown. You can make your favorite combination for your taste, with long and glued, two long, long and hoop … what is your favorite combination?

Threads and pressures

And all the earrings for girls with security thread

Information Girl’s earrings with animal designs

Animals are one of the  great passions of our girls , they love them. They all show great surprise, illusion, admiration or fear when they come across one. They go straight to touch you with all their innocence! Adorable!

Right now we have manufactured different animals such as  ladybugs ,  butterflies  , starfish , salamanders , hedgehogs , storks , owls, bears, flamingo, giraffe, dog, cat, elephants, unicorns, little birds, … both in gold and silver and we continue to design new ones Animal earrings for girls, among which we have earrings… dolphins, penguins, frogs, bears, ponies… these earrings are really very colorful and very funny.

We will teach you new designs that we make, since we are in constant movement of designs. And if you have an idea of ​​earrings for a girl, you can tell us, write to us by email and we can still make it.

girls earrings with animals candy desserts in gold

Fruits and desserts designs for girl’s earrings 

Together with the animals these are the most colorful and fun earrings for girls  . 

Among the fruits that girls like the most, there are studies that the banana is in the lead, followed by the apple , strawberries , orange … and the least avocado, lemon …

We have made strawberries,  cherries , pineapples , pears, candies , cup cakes … super pretty and colorful. And we continue designing new models, even so you can tell us any idea you have to make earrings for your girls.

Stars for girl’s earrings

Shooting stars are a phenomenon of nature that occurs when a very small piece of material of millimeters or a few centimeters enters the atmosphere and with the friction of our air begins to erode and leave it with light and a trail.

The stars are one of the  favorite earrings for girls.  Our girls tell us how they see the stars in the sky, they are amazed by the shooting stars, the road to Santiago, seeing them discover the constellations …

They also look perfect on girls’ ears, these  star earrings  that we have made of silver have a zirconia to give them sparkles and shine. And the star earrings for girls in gold, we have made them with a double star in matt and gloss, in smooth ones, with multi-zircons …

Information Flower-shaped girl earrings

Spring is the season of flowers, but girls can always wear them on their ears, with a lot of design and joy.

Girls love their dresses or flower accessories, the favorite color of girls is pink and many girls are named after flowers (lily, rose, veronica, melissa margarita, iris, spring, violet … Rosalía a phenomenon of the moment and many more)

Among the collection of earrings, flowers  have always  been preferred. We can manufacture it in plain, with zircons, with 5 petals, 6 petals, with color … both in gold and silver. Look at this link

The balls a classic earring for a girl

A classic in girl’s earrings both in  gold  and  silver . Always looking for functionality, geometry, comfort and safety. Also made in different sizes for different girls.

A wardrobe  for all occasions. We recommend having an earring jewelry box where you can store different earrings for girls to combine them on different occasions, whether for a party, communion, birthdays or simply for everyday use.

we have pearl balls, coral, turquoise , gold ball with pearl …

Classic zirconia of a lifetime

Other earrings that together with the ball are like jeans or a white shirt, which you can wear on any occasion, super comfortable and always thinking about safety. They are valid even for women, young man … because they look really nice on the ear.

Girl’s earrings in cultured pearl

Another  classic  that will never go out of style, because of how comfortable and how well they look, whether they are cap earrings with round cultured pearl in silver or gold or with four equal claws, in silver or gold.

Because when it comes to pearls for girls’ earrings, we do not skimp on quality assurance either, we always use cultured pearls for all our earrings.

Information types of cultured pearls for girls earrings:
  • Australian cultured: all these types of pearls are the  most sought-after  and the best quality, especially the largest, since to get perfect cylindrical cultured pearls, only 20% of the pearls are perfect round, that’s why they are also the More expensive.
  • Tahitian cultured pearls: They are the same as the Australian pearls but of a gray color, very difficult to obtain and that they are perfectly round.
  • From cultivated fresh water: the smallest and most rounded possible, which are  the ones we use  to make this type of girl’s earrings.

Pearls have many types of  colors,  the most common is pearly white, but they exist in gray, as we have already seen, gold, green, blue, black …

Sizes and shapes , the most used are cylindrical, although getting two of the same for earrings is difficult, although it is achieved. There are also the flattened, button, baroque …

Earring designs for girls in white gold

White gold  is now super fashionable for girls’ earrings, the truth is that they look very good and you can combine it with everything you want to wear.

It has always been used for earrings with brilliant diamonds but to make it cheaper, make it more economical and reach all girls, they wear zircons or leave it in plain that they are also beautiful. Also with all the shapes that can be made … stars, flowers, wings, feathers, crowns, hearts, rays, moons … with or without zircons …

We always say that for tastes … earrings … are like colors but in all shapes and with additions … zircons, pearls, enamels, diamonds and materials …

We will inform you about the new creations of earrings for girls with white gold.

Girl’s earrings in white gold and diamonds mocosa

This is our star and exclusive addition. Earrings for girls with  diamonds .

We will talk a little about diamonds, made up of carbon atoms, which with pressure and temperature can form diamonds. Diamond is the common way of calling it but then there is the diamond shape:

  • Brilliant : which is the shape of the rounded cut, the most used and the best-selling shape in the world of jewelry.
  • Princess: square cut.
  • Pear
  • Bagguette
  • Marquee: diamond cut in a rectangular shape.
  • Oval
  • Heart
  • Emerald: it is a rectangular style but the four corners are flattened, forming a type of octahedron.
  • And many more…

Although there are many types of cuts, what is important also in a diamond is the color and the impurities that it has. Colors  in diamonds there are all kinds of brown, blue, green, black, pink … but in the white that is the most used there are color scales scaled by letters from D which is whiter (or transparent) to YZ which it is already champagne or yellowish color.

A curiosity is that diamond is the hardest material in terms of scratching, it is only scratched with another diamond and yet it can scratch everything you want. For this characteristic it is widely used in industries.

Snotty White Gold Brilliant Diamond Girl's Earrings
Snotty White Gold Brilliant Diamond Girl’s Earrings

Information about girl hoop earrings

Now very fashionable among our girls, that they can put their earrings with the matching earrings, both in gold and silver.

We manufacture in all sizes from 10 mm small so that they are glued to the ear, 12 mm, 14 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm and 35 mm in silver or gold.

We also take out pendants for the hoop earrings. As you can buy not in one, you can make your combination with other earrings, whether glued with thread or long or with hoop, hoop alone or hoop with pendant … salamander hoop pendants, diamond, with zirconia, stars, moons …

We will tell you about the next news that we are taking out in hoop earrings.

Packaging for Mocosa earrings

  • packaging and exhibition all in cardboard, always taking care of the environment
  • Creating illusion and surprise
  • How  we do it:
    • She has a  colorful  paper bag with hearts and inside …
    • A  candy box  that we call our surprise box …
    • With a   heart-shaped lollipop , strawberry flavor and suitable for celiac @ s
    •  A  gift  that changes, it can be a scrunchie, headband, clip … of different colors
    • The gold or silver earrings  for baby or girl … A MEMORIAL FOR A LIFETIME in a mocosa block, wrapped with tissue paper and tied with …
    • A bracelet  that bears a positive phrase, to give to a friend
      • Packaging for gold and silver earrings
        Packaging for gold earrings snotty gift
      • Bag and box silver earrings Mocosa gift"<yoastmark
      • You can see the video of how we assemble it in  this link .

Information Cleaning the girl’s earrings 

It is very important that just as we take off their clothes to  wash them , we do the same with the earrings.

This type of earrings for girls can be worn at all times, whether for the whole day, showers and sleeping. But with use they can store some dirt between the ear and the earring.

So we have to clean it. Two ways to do it, it all depends on the type of slope:

  • If the girl’s earrings  have pearls or  colored enamel , the best thing is:
  • With a little water from time, a toothbrush and a little degreasing soap, rub the pearl or enamel a lot, rinse and dry with an absorbent paper and dryer (not very close to the earrings for girls or with cold air)
  • However, they  are smooth earrings  or with zirconia,
  • You can do this same process to even boil them a little in a saucepan and a little degreasing soap and dry them with the dryer and hot air.

In addition, to give them the last shine, they can be rubbed with a polishing cloth and left new and polished to enjoy. If you see that things get complicated, do not have any problem telling us or going to one of our points of sale and we will do it for you.

There are liquids to clean, you can see more tricks in this link of  “cleaning earrings for girls”

Information buy cheap earrings for girl

For us, quality does not have to be expensive, but in the case of buying cheap earrings for girls, we cannot be influenced by a very cheap price … it has something strange. And it is that on the subject of gold they can offer low Gold fabrications.

The MOCOSA girl’s earrings are all made of 18-carat gold with a quality certificate from the  Contrast Company of Madrid , dependent on the Royal Mint.

Be careful and if you see very cheap gold earrings, ask if they are 18 karat gold.

Another aspect that you have to take into account in the earrings of your little ones is that the stick is solid.

More information and details in this link to  buy cheap earrings for girls

Information threads for girl’s earrings

The touch makes the affection and nothing is forever. It is normal that this type of earrings, with all the movement that girls have, can suffer some damage or lose a thread.

From time to time, as we already said, we have to check the earrings, either to wash them or to ensure that the thread or nut is securely fastened.

The thread that our earrings for girls carry is in perfect symphony with the stick and its nut, the stick has a double nut step so that the thread fits perfectly.

There are manufacturers who prefer to put pressure on their earrings, but for girls it can bother them or get stuck, being able to sleep with them at any time can hurt them. Like when you take off their clothes, they are more likely to get caught in it.

As we seek perfection, we choose the safety thread for our girl’s earrings.

Damage to earrings

At mocosa we are not only dedicated to selling, we are concerned about what might happen to your earrings and solve it. After use … since there is nothing infinite … earrings for girls can have several problems:

-Fold stick

-Drop enamel


-Falling stones

-Thread loss or damage

-Blows or dents

BEWARE !!! with the hollow chopsticks in the earrings

You have to be very careful that cheap is often expensive. Let us be influenced and ask before, about the qualities of your earrings for girls, I do not think twice about mine, I want the best, I prefer to pay a little more but do not give me a hoot.

Some bad manufacturer puts hollow stick on girl’s earrings, an offense to us.

Please ask for a solid stick for the girl’s earrings.

You can read more about our QUALITY and SAFETY control here.

Online sale of earrings in Mocosa

In Mocosa you can make your online purchases of earrings for girls without problem, as well as with complete confidence.

Every day we are more aware of online shopping and year after year they are growing in Spain. There are studies that analyze the confidence that Spaniards have when buying online that say that 75.35% of Spaniards bought more than last year and that 73% had no problem.

With Mocosa you will not have any problem, we want to upload that average and have 100% people with confidence in our online purchases. Since if you buy something on our website and you don’t like it, you can return it without any problem or change it for others that you like more.

One of the comforts of shopping online is that, without leaving home, you can make a gift arrive wherever you want, you can send it to a loved one or have it delivered to your home. Unlimited hours and all flexibility.

And now that we make the online purchase one by one easier to make your combinations and match any earrings that you have loose.

Like the threads, you can buy them one at a time for girl’s earrings, they are generic so they are valid for all types of earrings.

Post-sale service for girl’s Mocosa earrings

At Mocosa we are not only dedicated to manufacturing and selling girl’s earrings. We care a lot that you use the product a lot and spend it. 

If at any time you have a problem with the Mocosa earrings, don’t have them, we have all the necessary machines to fix any breakage or problem.

  • You  lose  a gold or silver earring, in mocosa you can buy  one at a time .
  • Lost the thread , in Mocosa we  sell them to you .
  • With use, the gold loses its shine, we can  polish it  and leave it new
  • If   the stick of a gold earring breaks due to bending it too much or the handle bends, we have a repair service with laser machines and welders where we can fix it.
  • White gold can be worn down by use, but no problem, it is re-  rhodium-plated  and perfect.
  • Loss of a pearl or zirconia can be set and glued again.
  • To clean , we clean them and leave them new, or any of our authorized points of sale


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