Queen's earrings for each girl exclusive Mocosa

Queen’s Earrings

Queen’s Earrings

  • We are going to talk about one of our favorite earrings for girls … the earrings of the queen of the house .

    The crown earrings

    They are the people we love the most, to whom we have to teach the values ​​so that tomorrow they will be strong, fighters, determined but above all HAPPY !! Life is difficult and they will give you some blows, but also many joys.

    Lessons that we give to our daughters so that tomorrow they will be happy:

    • We emphasize that they are totally special, that they really feel it.
    • There is NO comparison, no one is better or worse, we are as we are.
    • Love us as we are
    • Do what really makes you happy
    • Express your feelings and what you want at all times.
    • Feel what is being done and live in the moment, not be in a hurry to grow
    • We will always support her

    For these exceptional creatures we decided to create these jewels. We are making these crown earrings in gold and silver for girls.

    white gold earrings crown snotty gift girl baby gift safe ear
    white gold earrings crown Mocosa gift girl baby gift sure how they are put in the ear model

    The gold earrings in the shape of a crown, totally exclusive to Mocosa, we have our own crown for the queen of the house.

    Quality and safety of girl’s earrings

    Always thinking about the concerns and needs of our little ones:

    • It has to have a design that enchants and excites our girls
    • Fulfilling our principles of quality in material, using CERTIFIED 18k karat gold
    • Screw-in safety crowns .
    • Solid stick for the stability of crown earrings.

    The Queen’s crown earrings are perfect as gifts for girls ages 5, 6, 7 and up. They are not for a baby with earrings of this style, since it has the tips of the crown and can get hooked. Very good possibility for a woman, who wants them for herself or share with her daughter, niece …

    Since in Mocosa all the gold earrings and threads are sold one by one, in case you want to share, or if you have lost an earring, it can be replaced easily.

    Either for your own girl as a gift, for birthday, communion, gift of kings, gift of love … just because.

    Packaging for gold earrings snotty gift
    Packaging for silver earrings Mocosa gift

    Besides, they are cheap earrings for girls, to be made of gold and with all the safety, quality and design measures, they are perfect.

    We advise taking care of the queen’s earrings, which with use have their wear and tear and some girl’s earrings that she does not take off to sleep, it is advisable to clean them from time to time.

    Cleaning the queen’s earrings

    How to clean these girl’s queen earrings:

    • For the girl’s earrings we have to: in a saucepan with water and a little dishwasher
    • We put the gold earrings on the fire / induction until they boil.
    • Taking care not to burn ourselves, we take them out and rub them with a toothbrush
    • We clarify
    • We dry with an absorbent paper and a dryer.
    • To give it the last touch we can rub it with our polishing cloth and give it a final touch of shine to leave the perfect queen’s earrings to be worn as new.

    We have an after sales service in case you have any problem with these crown earrings for a girl

    Plant the queen’s earrings

    We found on the Internet a plant called the queen’s earrings, very elegant and stately, valued for its flowers. Also called fuchsia although its flowers are of all kinds of colors and very colorful, especially in autumn and winter.

    It is characterized by being a shrub, the queen’s earrings are normally found in America, in places with a warm climate but not in direct light.

    Its flowers are fallen, look down, now we attach a photo so you can see what they are like, there are many and very beautiful varieties of this type of bush pending the queen.

    queen earrings
    earrings of the queen is also a plant

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